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    The Forex trading is the more profitable business in all over the world .in the Forex trading business you should earn more money and the Forex trading is gives us more profit only to its professional and experienced traders. N o doubt Forex is very profitable business all over the world but it gives profit only to its professional and experienced.

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    No sir I do not agree with this statement it is a very good earning source but only to those who have got good knowledge and experience of this business because without proper knowledge we can not make any earning from this business so we must take this business very seriously to have unlimited income and get financial freedom.

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    for them who understand how to trade with properly, they can make it, they can make it as money machine and get unlimited income, but everyone have the same chances and if want to learn and practice, because forex trading is a pure business and only need to have enough knowledge and ability to start it

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    Sure forex is a best unlimited money making machine. There has any one can get unlimited money. But its not very easy. There has traders are need good experience for learn about forex business and well educated and get proper knowledge about forex business. At last any forex traders are start work in this business successfully and gain more profit. There has its a big opportunity for traders. Thats why alllmost online users are join in this business and do work here very easily.

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    Forex market is a very big market and the daily turn over is around 4 trillion USD.
    SO unlimited earning opportunity is available fro all traders but it needs high level of knowledge and implementation skills. SO try to learn the right things and do not hurry, gain as much as possible experience so that you can know the fact before you create any position and enjoy the profit for life long.

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    We are in this business to earn 100 % profit , but the business can be risky, and sometimes you lose , forex trading , you can get better returns than other businesses is one of the best online business . Requires knowledge and experience in this business if you are a beginner , as you become successful trader.well friends don't consider Forex trading is very simple . You can find information about the forex market and you can establish a good business , then it may be beneficial for you . Otherwise, take it easy, not too much earn 40 % profit .

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    I think we are a trade volume and as we started to take some risks in the trading capital of the world , like every business, Forex trading is also at risk because it is not easy to think of it , so we can never neglect the risk factor in the trade Our ​​. That risk can be reduced by using stop-loss too . Trade Forex has some risks , but I think we have a good knowledge of the business and trading with the right experience , it is easy to earn a lot of money from forex trading business , though I think .

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    Yes, no doubt that this is a perfect whole money making machine we know now is a perfect product and can make a good steady income here regularly so if you give 100% here with hard work, patience, learning, etc. I'm sure if you focus on learning from today to win will be yours

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    yes you are right. forex trading is a great opportunity for everyone to join her and earn huge amount of profit. but as it is a knowledge based business so that at first we have to learn and gain experience by practicing more and more in demo account.

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    If one trader is more efficient have huge knowledge and experience he can be gainer. Since Forex is the biggest money exchanging market one trader even if he is very new but having more confidence he can leads towards success. there no doubt that one day he can be a Bill-Gates in the present competitive world.

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    Well it is true that forex trading business is a unlimited money making machine. Here one can earn a lot of money in small period of time. But forex can also become a money shredding machine because this market is totally unpredictable.

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