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Thread: Can i use EA at cTrader trading terminal?

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    Mt4 is the best trading platform to trade with EA and any indicator we cannot trade with EA on web browser because I don't think there is EA or indicator that can work with web browser we need a good trading platform like mt4 to be able to trade with EA and other trading tools because web browser doesn't support indicator or Ea.

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    it will work with it, this same goes to the c Trader trading platform if the robot is coded for the platform itself, in this case it can work perfectly just like that of the mt4 which is the common ones., because the file type is mt 4, it is a special program for mt 4. Maybe if c Trader have lots of users, then it could be the owner of the company issuing automatic trading program for c Trader.

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    You cannot make use of custom indicator when you are trading with this platform because it's not an app but a browser trading platform which you cannot install anything on but you will be able to trade with the indicator already presented in the platform, to trade with any custom indicator you need an app easily mt4 platform this is where almost every indicator or expert advisor work on.

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    cTrader offers lots of advantages , with the algorithmic trading and availability of lots of indicators . As a matter of facts , it is a good way to start trading on the forex markets for beginners and traders . It also helps to get to train with a second platform , in order to test the execution of the positions . It might require some time to adapt to this new platform , but it is also possible to keep trading with the two versions of the applications for desktops , the MT 4 version and the ctrader version . That will allow to get more positions on the markets and to consider multiple point of views of the same currency pairs . That is a good advice for the forex markets .

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    well as far as i know the programming and the scripting of both platform are opposite so cant use any features of other platform,like wise indicators.Because mt4 has mql type programming which is a lot different from the other platform

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    Many do not know about Forex trading robots; It works with code written with the MT4 trading robots to automatically detect it, it can immediately see the language, it will work with it, as well as it is also coded for the robot platform when it goes on to the CT Trader trading platform, in this case it's MT4 It is a common thing that can work perfectly like this.

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    Yes you can use an indicator and expert advisor in c-trader software it done same as you are using metatrader 4 but I want to advise you to use c trader because it has greater options and range of indicatora with other trading styles.

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