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Thread: Fibonacci Retracements Analysis 23.12.2014 (EUR/USD, USD/CHF)

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    the Fibonacci levels is very important to trade the market as it can make you money when you realize that the market is easily going down and up randomly but when you draw this lines you know what important levels can face the market in the coming few days but you should draw it right on the strong moves

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    Although the subject matter is very old but i like to say that the use of the Fibonacci progression tool His Majesty the great degree of weighting and trust
    i love this very tool is a tool that does not follow the price and redrawing itself once again i think the best level of 61%, but the percentage is 50% and 38% is probably too high on my experience

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    One of the most powerful analysis tools is Febbonacchi tool. We can find the close support and resistance levels by using this tool. Although I have confusion from where I shall start tracing the trend line. From the top or from the bottom that's my confusion. And it's very important to have the idea about the levels of the Febbonacchi tool.

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    I do not have any idea to attach to the chart about the fibbonacci retracement, becuase based on the different graph, I do not have any idea to put the top level and bottom level on the graph and determine the level of the fibonacci. I ever do trading analysis on fibonacci retracement, but it is not my favourite indicator to determine the level of support and also resistance.

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    fibonacci retracement is happen and the trader can catch good trading positions with it and so he can make money, i prefer to trade fibonacci retracement with more than one tool to be sure that the market will move in the desired direction and so will decrease falling in the traps of the market and decrease the possibility of loses.

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