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Thread: Fibonacci Retracements Analysis 23.12.2014 (EUR/USD, USD/CHF)

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    Eurodollar continues falling towards its lower targets. Earlier the price reached the group of upper fibo-levels, rebounded from them, and resumed moving downwards. The stop loss on my sell orders is already in the black.

    if only your charts are clean, you will get a prize here, it's nice to read about fibonacci here and how to do it, it's nice tool that help traders to detect their entries and exit point, but the way you are doing with is not clear on the chart.

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    we can notice the importance of the Fibonacci theory when we draw its lines and watch how is the price respects its levels especially 38 and 61 levels . they are very good levels . another point is that when we draw lines of support or resistance we simply can notice that they go with the lines of Fibonacci

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    That fibonachi retractable retracement I would wait for it to move up a little bit more before you can sell that means that you can wait for it to reach 26.1 level before you enter another down trend that is one thing you should to time the best time that you can enter that trade that you want in the sell

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    Depending on the limits in which we can understand the market we can think of the trading ways and also i think tat by following the trading decisions we can find that the trading ways will lead us to the usage of the Fibonacci in the accordance of other trading ways .

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    Dont you think the whole combination of the whole using of everything in trading forex is a lot more formed and can be confusing its a good thing if we want to know how we can trade forex in the right way as we can trade forex right

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    Fib is one of the most valueable tool which is used by many traders and many successful traders win depand on it i am also using it but i have not enough experience to use it in forex trading some times its makes good expected change very few time its wrong but its rotio of win to lose is always high i am learnig about it and use it in future..

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    Fibonacci is a good tool to trade retracement of a recent move on a pair and there are important Fibonacci ratios that you watch for and these are 38.2, 50.9 and 61.8. It can also be used to trade extension but you will have practiced with this on demo and ensure you have been using it profitably before you go live with it . I have seen alot of people that make costly mistakes while using this tools to trade because they hold wrong opinion on its use

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    Thanks for sharing this fantastic post. Fibonacci levels are my most favorite. In fact, I can not trade without Fibonacci tool such as Fibonacci retracement, or extension. Here the way you the pair have been analyzed is amazing. I have learned a lot, although the analysis was done for the market which was ages ago.

    I would request you please keep analyzing market with the Fibonacci levels, which will surely help traders in this forum.

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    fibonacci tool is an important tool in forex in which most traders watch this fibonacci lines. this lines does serve as a support lines. this is where sentiment analysis comes in. the reaction of traders to a specific points. because of this reactions, this lines could sometimes be used to scalp the market for few pips as the price tends to shoot up.

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