What is forex?
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Thread: What is forex?

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    What is forex?

    The forex or foreign exchange market is like a worldwide electronic currency platform used to trade currencies.when a person is start forex trading ,he or she is actually buying and selling options to trade currencies electronically on this market.

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    The word Forex is acronym of the expression term foreign FOReign EXchange. Which means short, the foreign exchange market, or trade in foreign currencies. The foreign exchange market is the largest trading market and the most liquid market in the world.

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    As we know that forex is known by Foreign Exchange Market where we do trade in many currencies of differ countries and the good thing is that we don't have to go anywhere if we have a internet connection we can do this business direct from our home so its fantastic for everyone

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    Yes you are right that forex is the foreign exchange platform where currencies or sold and buy, so if you are trader you have to trade on currencies, you have to buy or sell in this market.

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    Well, in simple words, forex trading business is a buying/selling currencies. In other words you can say that forex trading can also be called foreign exchange market where both , buying and selling of currencies takes place.

    So , for e.g. if you are buying EUR/USD that means you are buying EURO against U.S dollars means you are selling USD too or you can say that according to your prediction usd would be weaken that is why you are buying EU.

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    I think Forex is the large currency market in the world. Now Forex is the best online currency business in the world. Forex is more high risky business but more profitable business too. Anyone can join in Forex business. For this reason Forex is so popular online currency business in the world. People like Forex and trade in Forex market.

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    wondering if in understanding the problem and discuss forex trading would be a very long struck me as very much to describe about forex trading, and most importantly in my opinion this forex trading is a business that can make money very quickly as long as we learn them well

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    forex is a foreign currency exchange business and we earn lots of money from it and change our life and earn more money than other works and jobs but to earn money from forex trader must have good knowledge and experience.

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    Forex is a trading currency pairs, so it is the same with the forex currency market in the real world in general. Because Forex is a market where we can benefit by exploiting the difference in the change in the price of the currency pair, and the benefits we can act as sellers and buyers.

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    Forex is foreign exchange market which is also called "the market where currencies are traded" not only Forex market is largest market in the world , but it is also most liquid differentiating it from other market. there is no Central market place for exchange of currency , but instead the trading trading is conducted over the counter. it is open 24 hrs in a day and 5 days in a week.

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