Roboforex trading terminals – How they are superior to other brokers?
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Thread: Roboforex trading terminals – How they are superior to other brokers?

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    Roboforex trading terminals – How they are superior to other brokers?


    I’ve about an year of experience in Forex trading. I’m trying to write my experience in the best possible way. It was about a year back that I started trading Forex. Many people advise to start trading Forex with the demo account. I listened to them and opened a demo account with a broker. I thought I would trade with the demo for a few months before opening the real account. When I started trading with the demo for just 1 hour, I got bored. I thought demo is not for me. I could not gather interest to learn with the demo and I was surprised how some people work with demo for months before starting real account. I started trading with real money with the broker. I made few deposits and few withdrawals with that broker and I thought everything was running fine. This way few months passed and I also made accounts with 2-3 new Forex brokers. So, I was trading with 3-4 brokers and gained some experience. I thought that everything was running fine.

    Then one day I found Roboforex

    The 3-4 brokers with which I was trading did not have any good promotions. One day while browsing the Internet, I read an advertisement of Roboforex that it is giving 50% deposit bonus on Skrill deposits. The advertisement also stated that 80% of withdrawals of Roboforex were instant. Also, there was no minimum deposit required to open an account with Roboforex. So, I thought I should give this broker a try. So I opened an account with Roboforex and made a deposit of 25 dollars. I downloaded the most commonly used Metatrader 4 of Roboforex and started trading. As soon as I opened and closed a few trades, I started feeling the difference between “trading with Roboforex MT4 terminal” and “trading with other brokers’ MT4 terminals.” When I started trading with Roboforex, my views on Forex trading and about working on MT4 witnessed a radical change.

    My myths corrected by Roboforex

    Before joining and trading with Roboforex Company, I had the following myths about MT4 platform.

    1. Requotes are common when trading in Forex using the MT4 terminal.
    2. Trade execution takes some time like 20 seconds minimum and can sometimes get stuck.
    3. Minimum spreads even in EURUSD is at least 3 pips as the previous brokers with which I was working charged minimum 3 pips.
    4. It is a normal thing for the MT4 platform to get disconnected every now and then.

    Benefits of Roboforex MT4 Terminal


    When I traded with Roboforex I felt the following benefits. In the past, I never thought trading on MT4 can be so better.

    1. No re-quotes and slippages: When trading with Roboforex MT4 there are no re-quotes or slippages. It was with Roboforex that I came to know that trading with MT4 can be so better without any re-quotes.
    2. Instant execution: When trading with Roboforex MT4 terminal, our trading is executed instantly whereas other brokers’ MT4 terminals can take several seconds or even a minute. This can mean a lot to a Forex trader, especially when trading during volatile conditions.
    3. No disconnections: Our Roboforex MT4 terminal never disconnects unless there is some problem with our Internet connection.


    Conclusion: It is true that there are thousands of brokers and all have the Metatrader 4 trading terminal, but the MT4 terminal of Roboforex is superior to others in many ways. Words cannot say everything. So join Roboforex and feel the difference yourself.

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    Nice article. You have written in really nice manner your experience trading with the Mt4 of other brokers as well as of Roboforex. When trading with Roboforex we get the benefit of fast execution and no re-quotes. Thess are small words but big things in trading. I wish you best of luck in this contest.

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    Good to see your story with Roboforex. I am happy that finally you have decided to join the contest. It is really good chance for your to upgrade and I believe you deserve it. You know there are two type of order execution found in MT4. One is instant or fixed rate execution another is market execution. In market execution you will never find a requote no matter how volatile the market is, but it is possible it will be executed 10/20 pips away in extremely volatile situation. What I experienced with roboforex mt4 is less requotes than others brokers mt4. I think it is impossible to remove completely the requote problem due to its relatively slow response from server by nature.

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