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Thread: MT5 Terminal History

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    I think if your wants to earning huge and huge amounts of the moneys.For this the mt5 Forex is the one of the Best ways. The people are now all overs the nations are can trading in the Roboforex and also can earning huge amounts of the moneys very easily and simply.

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    Its very simple buddy you should check with history icon and you will get all the detail there I have not much idea about mt5 platform I am still using the old version mt4 why you not try mt4 its best for you I think and new version need some practice and learning first.

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    for getting history of previous month's market we can choose MT5. As MT5 is better than MT4.

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    if you need tho history of mt5,than google it...

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    I have not come across this kind of error in my own trading history.It is provided necessary tools to analysis price changes and use the automated trading program which is known as roboforex can see set the chart and previous chart.You can also see the price different chart.It is a multi-market platform.

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    Operating system of MT5 is definitely prepared with investors working resources that allows focusing on the cost-effective industry. It provides the necessary resources to evaluate price changes and use the computerized working plan which is known as Application or EA. To improve information creating various working maps and examining resources can be useful. It is a multi-market system.

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    trading history always stored id your computer hard drive so don't worry to lost, we view anything we do on our order wining or loosing trade we can still evaluate from this history, we can just surf our history in weekend so we will now the big picture of our trade, after some analyze we can make a better trade on losses trade that ever we made.

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    I think its very easy to get the history of mt4 terminal I have no idea about mt 5 platform but if you are using mt4 terminal then I want to tell you that there will be a history option from you can find your history of trading since starting and its not that much difficult sir. Hope you will able to find our terminal history for you.

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    every trader when he entered the market he has collect the information about the forexe market this information so we take in for mation from the mt4 or mt5 history then we successed in the forexe market a new trader can not difference between the mt4 o mt5 . looking up the history and take the correct decision there is no chance the loss i hwhen we successd we remembered that history play aimportant roll inthe forexe market

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    Currently MT5 is not popular as MT4 because MT4 supports a lot of indicators. If you trade on pure price action then you can try MT5. MT5 supports some custom time frame which MT4 does not. Like MT5 supports 3hr chart. I suggest you to try demo both MT4 and MT5 so you will find which one is useful for you.

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