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    I do not think it's a problem. You can choose the option "MetaTrader 5" to get history of previous month's market. You can set the chart and get the previous chart. Then you have to go upstairs to keep an eye on them. The more you see the previous result, the more appear. You can use both the mouse and the key board buttons for this instruction. It may take some time but do not worry about it.

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    If you want to get the history of all past years then I will suggest you to select the bigger time frame chart from there you can check all you back histories easily otherwise if you will select the short term time frames then you will not be able to see all recent histories.

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    I think it's easily set chart period in Monthly, and then move/slide that chart to the left, until we found the date that we want, or press keypad button Home,PgUp, PgDn, End. Getting history of previous month's market you can choice the option "meta trader 5 " . You can also set the chart and get the previous chart

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