what is pips and pipates?
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Thread: what is pips and pipates?

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    what is pips and pipates?

    i want to know differant pips and pipates.i don't understand pips and pipates.only know it is a part of forex.so i want to know that.if you know this subject please tell me..

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    pipates is the smallest unit of a pips,it the 10th fraction of a pips,we have some platform the offer 5 digit and some that offer 4 digit on their metar trader,those with 5 digit included pipates while those with 4 digit did not include it bu it being calculated as well

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    Well I've heard of pips but not pipates,pips can be defined as the minimum unit and its the smallest unit at which the price can change,let's say if the eurusd moves from 1.3340-1.3339 the price has moved 10 pips and I'd the price move from 1.3340-1.3330 the price has moved 10 pips.

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    I have no knowledge about pips and pipates , i want to know about these, i am asking from you that What is pips and pipates. i have less amount of knowledge and experience about business but my cousin is guiding me every where in business,who have spent a lot of time in the forex
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