Trading with the volatility
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    Trading with the volatility

    Hi traders.

    Today I’m going to share with you one simple concept that can help you get profit in the market that you don’t understand. What I mean is that sometimes markets don’t show any signs of directional supply and demand. They go back and forth, sometimes you see that something is happening (some momentum is developing), you expect it to continue, but more often than not price suddenly drops beyond all supposed support levels.

    Just a look at the chart below - can you say that you have a predictable price action here?


    No indicators can help you decypher this action as well. Such market condition can be best described as unpredictable and volatile.

    But is it really impossible to succesfully trade in such market having limited risks at the same time? Every professional trader is aware of risk he is going to take, whilst amateur traders can trade without stops. In other words - can we have reliable and reasonable stop in such market?

    Yes, we can. But in our trading we have to rely not on price action itself (it can be confusing) but on volatility. Look at the screenshot of ATR indicator below. This indicator measures volatility. You see that volatility cyclically moves in sort of a horizontal channel:


    The key here is that when you have period of reduced volaility, it is often followed by growth of volatility pretty quickly - it is very uncommon for the market to stay in a phase of reduced volatility for a long period of time. But how can we benefit from that? We don’t have any volaitility index to trade.

    Yes, but nethertheless we can benefit from such behavior of volatility. First of all, small parameter of volatility means that our stop loss can be also small. Secondly, small volatility often occurs when we have very tight trading ranges like this:


    Guess what happens when price emerges from such trading range? Right, this is volaility break. Price breaks out from this range and makes significant directional move, more than 30 pips. We don’t know the direction of further breakout, yet we know that possibly this breakout will lead to directional move. The more time it takes to form trading range with low volatiliy, the more rapid breakout will follow:


    So, you can just place buy stop or sell stop orders to get on this move, having very small stops at the same time. Breakouts can be false, yet you lose a few, and earn much more. The key principle here is to cut your losses quickly and never “nurse” bad trades (this is universal principle of momentum trading)

    For example, such type trade could be described this way:

    1. You see extended trading range with reduced volatility;
    2. You place sell stop order to enter a position on a breakout from this range;
    3. You don’t move your stop until price retests previous level and ensures that there are no more stong buyers in this market;
    4. You enjoy freefall of price and prepare to take your profits.


    But of course, you have to be aware of overtrading and be very patient in a process of trade selection. If you do everything right, you can have nice profits trading along with volatility, even if you don’t have any ideas of destination. If fact, when markets are trading in a trading range (they are supposed to trade there 80% of the whole time), nobody can really predict destination of price, so trading with the volaility can be a good option.
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