Roboforex forum help me to survive in forex trading business
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Thread: Roboforex forum help me to survive in forex trading business

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    Roboforex forum help me to survive in forex trading business

    I know this business from ads in internet, and I really don’t interested with forex trading until a friend told me that forex trading is the greatest online business. I was a student at the time, and I have a big dream, I want to continues my study in USA, lol, it is really a big dream for me, because I don’t have money to go to USA School.
    But I think nothing is impossible if we want to make it happened and if we working hard until we really can make our dream come true. Then I started to think about how to make money anytime and anywhere because I must pay my tuition by myself, I don’t have rich parent who can pay my tuition in abroad. then I think I must work online or have an online business, then I still can earn money not matter where I am. I talked about this dream to a friend, and he said that forex trading is the most suitable for me. Forex can give so much money if I have high trading skill. Then I started to interested to become forex trader and started to trade also.

    I still a student while I starting this business, then I don’t have any money for trading forex. I just can deposite only $10 on my trading account, and then get margin call in short time, less than a month, lol. I really don’t have any idea how to make good profit from forex trading. It is because I don’t have proper knowledge and experience when I was started my trading. When I don’t have money anymore for trading, and confuse how to learn this business well, then I stop to trade for a few months because I think this business is too difficult for me, and I want to give up. But then I found that there are forex forum which really great place for beginner life me, one of the best forex forum is roboforex forum. I just know that this forum give us bonus for being active member in this forum. This forum can give us $0.2 per post that we make. I think it really a great opportunity for me, because I don’t need to invest my own money, but I can trade on real trading and can make real money also.

    I really greatful that I found this forum, because I can learn much from this forum, many good member who share their knowledge and experience in this forum, and I can get bonus for active in this forum also. It makes me think that with this forum and this broker, I can be survive, because despite I blow my account again and again, I still can get bonus for trading again in the next month. Then, I don’t need to worry to have no money anymore for trading. As long as I can be a good member in this forum, this forum will always give me bonus every month.

    My first bonus from roboforex is only $15 (no deposite bonus for verified member). After got the bonus, I have got bonus from forum also, then I can trade with larger capital and get more profit in every trade. I always withdrawl my profit as soon as possible, because I need money to pay my study tuition every semester. The withdrawl process in roboforex is very fast, many times it just takes a few minutes only. It makes me really love this broker so much. The spread is very small also, and help me to make good profit in my trading.

    But after several months, I blow up my account again, lol, because I become greedy, and over trading and makes me get so much losses and then get stop out. But in this month, December 2014, roboforex offering us great bonus again, they will give us $1000 for copyfx account. It really great opportunity for me, because I can’t invest that much money for trading, then I joined in this promo. I have got the bonus. Here is the screenshot of my bonus from forum and my copyfx bonus from roboforex

    this is a prove that i was withdrawl my profit from roboforex for many times

    MetaTrader 4 - RoboForex.jpg

    Conclusion : roboforex provide us forum and many bonusses to help us to survive in forex trading business
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