I was a loser before but things changed when I joined Roboforex, My success story with Roboforex
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Thread: I was a loser before but things changed when I joined Roboforex, My success story with Roboforex

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    I was a loser before but things changed when I joined Roboforex, My success story with Roboforex

    My past history of joining Forex : I was not a new trader when I joined Roboforex. Actually I had started trading Forex much earlier with another broker when I read an advertisement of that broker. This advertisement was of a promotion that the broker would refund the losses of the first trade in full of any person who joins it. I was new at that time to Forex and did not had much knowledge about it. I thought this was a very good promotion and a good chance to join Forex. So I decided to join that broker with an initial deposit of $ 100.

    My History with the other broker : I made my first trade after working on demo for a few hours. I thought I could make money in trading and even if I lose the deposit I would get it back. So no worries. I lost this $100 and I was refunded the loss in full in my trading account. But there was a catc now this refund was a bonus and the trader needed to complete several standard lots before he could withdraw it. So now I started again and lost this 100$ also before I could complete even a fraction of the said lot. I invested another $ 150 and lost it again. And I deposited again and lost that also and this thing continued for a few months such that I now became a sad man with a lot of financial troubled. I had lost over five thousand dollars in just about 6 months time and now I found my life becoming miserable and all happiness in life dwindling away.

    My fault was there but also the broker was not good : I accept that the trader is responsible for losing money. But when I joined the broker i did not knew much about other brokers. This broker actually had large spreads and also did not stressed ever on the need of education for traders. It provided analysis which usually turned wrong. Actually the broker tried everything that it could to rob the traders money. By robbing I do not mean direct stealing but by bringing losses to the trader in all ways that it could. Stop loss were hunted in an unusual manner by the broker. It did not have any forum nor any good study material which I could use to learn Forex. Actually a few times I had made withdrawals with that broker which were processed without delay and that made me stick to that broker for a long time. Also I did not want to leave that broker with losses.

    My life changed with Roboforex


    Then I came to know about Roboforex forum while browsing the internet. I decided to join this forum. At this time I was a man with financial problems and did not had much to deposit. So I started posting here in this forum. I did not had good knowledge also about Forex but I wrote my experience and what all I knew about Forex in the forum. In the forum I found a lot of great threads to educate the traders. Also Roboforex website have good analysis and Forecast service and excellent study materials. There are great webinars from time to time which are like online classrooms for traders and I found them very helpful.

    After joining Roboforex I was no longer a trader with little knowledge. Learning became more interesting for me and earning became more easier.

    Conclusion : My advice to all losing traders. Working with a good broker like Roboforex may help you to become a successful trader from a loser. So try changing your broker to Roboforex
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