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Thread: Amazing , Amzing !! There is nothing more powerful than Roboforex forum.

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    Amazing , Amzing !! There is nothing more powerful than Roboforex forum.

    That title is not excessive because it really happened to me , for a few months ago I vacuum with rarely post in this forum, it does not mean I am go out from this forum, as I get a bonus last post I just silent reader and apply to trade on the bonus account with patience and discipline, and the results are amazing, my account grow little by little. Please check:

    My account growing 100% over the 3 months, or an average of 30% per month. Maybe this nominal is Too small for BEGINNER, but I am sure for professional traders, that is very reasonable and more than enough.

    That's proof the powerful of this beloved forum. why? , Please consider some aspects that make the trader can develop from roboforex forum:

    Many Expert traders here that can support the development of a trader who can not be found anywhere else, who is he? , Here it is:
    1.Value of traders
    No doubt if the value trader is a professional trader who is always humble and willing to help traders to share their knowledge of trading, so he deserves as educators. Some important threads are worth your visit:
    Price action basics. Part 1
    What you should know before you start?
    Anatomy of big market participants

    2. rinaji
    No doubt the ability of a rinaji trading techniques, and lucky he was really kind to share some of the techniques and strategies that he had certainly very powerful, please see and learn:
    Simple Support and Resistance (Dynamic and Static) part 1
    Awsome Stochastic [Contest]
    Playing with the logic in trading

    3. Gamer
    All certainly agree that Gamer including a great trader, many threads that made him very useful to improve skills, ranging from psychology to trading techniques, you can contact directly with him if you need help because he did not hesitate to reply to your contacts

    They are three of some great traders in this forum and of course there are many more

    You must be believe that this forum is a storehouse of knowledge, Here some threads that really useful:

    FOREX-digest : Sub Forum about analytics, assumptions, news, trading signals, economic life as viewed by traders.
    Here two of some useful thread :
    1. Forex Wave analysis
    Are you still blind to read of forex market trend ? , if so then this thread is really useful cause in there RoboForex Columnist was described about many things about wave analysis with practice directly , Read More ....
    2. Japanese Candlesticks Analysis
    With this thread we will know more about the candlestick formation cause in there really clear about explanation in picture, Need for continue reading , here the link

    Trading from A to Z :
    Its beginner zone for getting some good knowledge , and some thread are really needed for beginner are :
    1. HELP novice trader
    Here you will find help if you want to ask about anything about forex trading, are you need it, This Link to visit that thread
    2. PLAN your trade and TRADE your plan
    In this thread explain how importance the trading plan for any traders, its useful for me and maybe all of you need its . You can Visit here

    Trading Psychology, discipline, motivation
    In that section there are useful threads , and one of them :
    Are you a disciplined trading or not? please go to this thread, to check it out.
    The thread that giving clear explanation about the criteria of discipline trader or undisciplined traders, From that thread we can evaluate ourselves and improve ourselves being better again to be discipline trader , i have read it and really useful , Read More

    1. Trading With Pinbar
    Thread Starter : rikifx
    Pinbar is one candle pattern which indicates the occurrence of a trend reversal, in that thread give explanation and attached of indicator as detector of pinbar, More Details ....

    2. Set and Forget Strategies using Fibonacci
    Thread Starter : nyonik
    This strategy is really simple but powerful , this strategy just use fibonacci to define for making position , with this strategy we can put an order then leave its for doing other job , Are you interest about this strategy? , This link for more details....

    3. Fast EMA Trading System
    Thread Starter : Gamer
    The other powerful strategy is coming from Gamer which its bias on fast moving averages which will help the traders to find entries, so let’s get started with this trading system. The thread starter stated that it is very easy to understand, I have prove this strategy and give good result , You must try it

    This is distinct from other existing forums, where it is offered as a free forex webinar and held a very useful topic. you should attend that event

    See more about free forex webinar

    The special Program For this periods is “My day with Roboforex”.
    All member can join in this program , Here we just write a story describing our day, mentioning services or trading terminals of Roboforex company. this related about Trading terminals, Copyfx system , ContestFx , RoboOption , Roboforex Forum , Forex analysis and forecasts , Bonuses and promotions, Affiliate programs.


    1st place - 100 USD
    2nd place - 60 USD
    3rd place - 50 USD
    4th place - 35 USD
    5th place - 30 USD
    6th place - 25 USD
    7th place - 20 USD
    8th place - 15 USD
    9th place - 10 USD
    10th place - 5 USD

    Follow the contest and win prizes !



    This My Screenshots in my trading history :

    Best Of Luck For You all and Hopefully All was Motivated From My History Which Amazing Benefited Of Roboforex Forum

    Thanks Roboforex Forum , You are Amazing Forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by nkhan2810 View Post
    I also appreciate your success in forex trading. 100% increase in equity in 3 months time is really great and wonderful. I know many expert traders look to make around 10% per month. They would like to see your trading strategy too to increase their profit. Just keep it going and I hope very soon you will be an excellent trader and asset of this forum.
    Thanks very much friends , i just share for anyone especially for members in here to not search a holy grail system that can give fantastic profit which its happen for almost new traders , i believe you has trade for long in this business and i am sure you has in this business in some years its look of your mental stability, Please help me to motivate any beginner traders (Less than 1 Years) to not too ambitious to want high profit just in few days

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    I am attach screenshoot my history trade from bonus account , anyone can see and give comment :

    Hopefully can be inspire all that have read and do the best

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    You are right that this is the place where we can find all things about forex trading and in this forum we get good knowledge and experience about it. Its member are very cooperative and this forum is very good place o learn good things. Roboforum Admins and Moderators are tell us many good things abut forex trading and make this forum very informative for traders.

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