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Thread: What do you understand by trend trading?

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    What do you understand by trend trading?

    It is in my notice that many traders are saying trend trading, but they do not know how to trade the trend really. Trend is the main thing traders should aim for in the market, this is because market moves is the nature of trend traditionally. Except there is a reversal, then another trend would form immediately. But traders do not do this because they do have other alternative, and thereby gambles more in trading. I hope this thread will shed more light and understanding to such trader`s knowledge of trading the trend.

    What is trend? Trend simple means "direction". In other words, the trend of the market is the direction the market follows. While trend could be short term, medium term or long term.

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    HOW TO TRADE THE TREND: Looking at the above chart picture on EURAUD of 1 hour, Although in the picture market is trending for a long term (Based on the candlestick count), But it did not do this trending all along in a straight/smooth line. The market started from 1.45917 and finished the trend at 1.42245. But along the line, there were retracement, some of them were marked with the white arrow on the chart above.

    This simply means that; the trader have to be strict in trading the trend. You will not mind the side attraction of the retracement, but the long enduring trend of the market; until you are satisfied that a reversal is observed.

    INDICATORS AND SYSTEM FOR THIS: Although, it is tactical to know if a trend will continue or not, but indicators like moving average, MACD, Bollinger bands etc. are effective in knowing this. Also, trading system like trend-line, price action etc. will help the trader to know at intermediate trading whether a trend is continuing or not. And by this, the trader will know if to continue or exit

    NOTE: The best time frame to enjoy the trend trading is on the larger time frame. By this, i mean from 4 hours to 1 month time frame. This is how you will have the full benefits trend trading could give you. This is the way the large firms and banks trade. If you can be patient with trend trading, it really worth it more than any system you may adopt. HAPPY TRADING!

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    Market price movement is called market trend and it is most important thing for trader for making good capital.Trader should spend his good time for learning and do more practice on demo accounts for getting good trading experience.Many trader use the different indicators for analyzing the trend and i use the moving average trend indicator with scalping strategy.

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