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    in my point of view i want to say inthese days crude oil is much confuse very hard movement it is in neutral side as i saw that today its news was big so it made 150 pips up side but i am looking from many days its buying selling is much slow thats why it is not finding his direction to go

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    according to my analysis i donot need chart to cast analysis i must say oil is very must same like gold and both are moving with trend as oil continue move to 72$ with up trend and now it is moving down with down trend and back to 66$ so i think it will go to approx 59$ soon :)

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    Crude Oil has been on up stand moving up since August , there is a lot of good things that can be on the position it is now its about 84.67 now and its important to know the value of oil might move down and in some cases it would make it all the way to 80 by December.

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