Account number: 2701379
Server name: RoboForex-Pro
Account type: CopyFx Pro-Standard
Leverage: 1:300
Budget: 1000.00 USD

Offer description:

Offer scheme: Trader on profit
Add date: 8 December 2014 15:22:09
Start date: 8 December 2014 15:22:09
End date: 9 June 2015 00:00:00
Risk level: Medium
Commission for profit: 15%
Pie size: 1000 USD
Trading strategy: I normally trade with good money management system.Depend on D1 time frame.I never make any entry Against D1 trend.If D1 is downtrend I only make entry with Sell position.If D1 is uptrend I always take buy position.My Preferable pair is EURUSD,GBPUSD,AUDUSD and USDCAD.For good money management I recommended to invest 1000 USD .In this trading system I can earn 10 to 15% profit per month without any risk.