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    Actually my good brother Robo Forex company is one of the best trading companies and offers many, many advantages to its customers and of course this piece of information that I mentioned did not see it before, but according to the words inscribed the subject they are considered a great advantage offered by the company

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abu George View Post
    [lang=ar]although i did` not use any robots or experts in my trading that I think that i will not use any of them ever whatever is its statue or the rate of success it make . for these programs already i know that they do not bear in mind the task of the market and the news which happens regularly around us[/lang]
    Meta trader 4 is the best platform for Forex trading becasue this isold version and limited trading tools are found there which are easy to use . We don't confuse when we operate those technical tools for our trade , only selected tools are there in this platform . Most of trader are using MT 4 platform for trading purpose .

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    For myself, I think that Robo Forex Company of the best brokerage firms in the field of forex and dealt with by the company through bonus no deposit and by filing frankly excellent technical support, as well as the speed of implementation of the deposit, withdrawal, which makes the company unique is not only dealing with the platform characteristic of the company

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    That's cool mate I am glad to hear that your ea working nice in robo forex mt4 platform, that's why we have to stick with this broker, its not only best in mt4 service,along with it we get less re quotes, good market execution, less spread, good live chat support, differ kinds of trading platform benefits in this broker. So forget about the other broker and just enjoy your journey with robo forex broker.

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    yes roboforex is the best and that is why i choose roboforex than other a days lot of broker found in the internet and that is why it is easy to find a bad broker and loos now a days it is so much important to choose a good broker and i think i find the right one.i am really satisfied to trade on roboforx and i can easily say that they are the best broker.

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    I use a EA in Roboforex MT4. I am very happy to use this EA in Roboforex. In here the trade exiqution is very first. Ther is no requet problem. It is very good platform.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lipika770 View Post
    I use a EA in Roboforex MT4. I am very happy to use this EA in Roboforex. In here the trade exiqution is very first. Ther is no requet problem. It is very good platform.
    So which kind of robot or ea you are using in your mt4 terminal? I would suggest you to concentrate on manual learning about forex too. Manual trading is also good but if you are already using a well tested manual trading strategy in your robot then its a wonderful step take by you sir. Regarding robo forex broker platform's I want to say that yes they are perfect to do trade. There are many platform's in robo forex broker but I am using mt4 right now.

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    I think it is very easy to make up our mind now that you have seen two different results, you must know that roboforex actually mean good for their clients and it will better you withdraw your money from that broker and put everything in your account with Robforex and trade with a forex broker that is second to none. I have had similar experience in the past but now I am completely settled with Roboforex

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    The main conclusion is, that RoboForex still able to work in even slowest internet connection with rarely requotes, even using an EA. Unlike any other broker that consume more connection but lagging more than the slowest one. This is the difference between a good broker and standard broker (I don't mean it's a bad one). This is a good thread to those who still in research of the best broker to trade, which is RoboForex.

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    You have practical experience and shared such thing so thanks lot. I faced such problem too during high volatile news market. Many times I could not open or close a single order manually. So now I use pending orders only during news time. I never used EA so it is hard to tell what would be consequence on MT4 of other brokers. I found roboforex MT4 is always good no matter market is volatile or not

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