I was a trader with no money... Roboforex and Robforex Forum helped me to get real money
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Thread: I was a trader with no money... Roboforex and Robforex Forum helped me to get real money

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    I was a trader with no money... Roboforex and Robforex Forum helped me to get real money

    My Internet and Me:

    My trading journey started 4 years ago when I was desperate to earn money online beside my full time job. I tried many things. I tried Paid To Click (PTC), CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) typing and High-Yield Investment Program (HYIP). But nothing were going well. I clicked an advertisement and came to know about Forex trading. And a new chapter started in my life.

    Forex in my life:

    I started quick, without much knowledge I started trading in Forex and very soon I lost too many in quick time. I had no money to invest but my passion was high for Forex.

    I come to know about many other things in the mean time about Forex trading and started to grow as a trader. I tried many demo contest and many no deposit bonus and got few real money too. Roboforex no deposit bonus of 15$ and 15$ bonus for verified client was also included. I made small profit too out of these bonuses. But it was just not enough. I learnt knowledge is important along with money in Forex trading.

    My attachment with Roboforex and Roboforex Forum:

    I came to know about roboforex forum when I tried to join a contest of Roboforex. I joined the forum to take part in contest and get some bonus from my good posting but as I was not a bonus hunter so I could not make too many out of my posting. Then I got good opportunity to take part in Strategy Contest and won the first place. It was handsome bonus and I made very good profit out of it. Withdrawals were quick too. Some of my late night withdrawals were instant too. And to my surprise I got rebate on my trading too.

    pic 1 contest result..jpg


    I like option trading ever since I came to know about it. When I saw RoboOption I readily opened real account and started trading and made some profit too. It was nice and quick in terms of making money and withdrawals.

    roboop real.jpg

    I continued to take part in the different contests of ContestFx. My trading and luck gave me opportunity to earn more bonus from King Size contest and earn more real money. It is nice that result publication and bonus credit are very quick. I got the bonus to my account in one business day. I am continuing to take part in Demo Forex, Demo Option and Trade Day contest. I know some day I will be able to earn more bonus from these contests. And these contests keep me alive in trade even when I don’t have real money for real trade.


    All were going well with my bonus. Suddenly extremely volatile market erased all my bonuses and few hundreds of my real money. I became a trader with no money...

    To my surprise I come to know about 1000$ bonus for traders from CopyFX. I applied and got bonus to my account in one business day. It is wonderful. I come back in the business again.


    Conclusion: Roboforex and Roboforex Forum gave me unique opportunity to learn Forex and earn real money. It is really wonderful to be a part of this family too and love the way they take care of their family members. I wish helping hand of Roboforex and Roboforex Forum will not be lifted from traders like us who don't have enough money to invest but has relatively good skill to earn money from Forex trading. Thank you Roboforex and Roboforex Forum.

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