Forex trading is one of the great online business. Many people are doing trading as a part time trader, as a full time trader in this business. Forex changed many people career already, And its one of the great opportunity for jobless people. We can choose forex as a career and can become financially free in our life.

Around to 2 year's back I started to find some long term income work for me all over the internet. I don't have much idea about forex that time. I searched a lot about any good online business or a life time income opportunity business all over the internet. Finally I come to know that most of people are doing trading in forex and forex is a legal and a life time earning opportunity.
I opened an account in (XXX) broker and deposit $100 in my trading account. I started to make money in real market but Because of very less knowledge and less trading skill I lost my all capital. I asked many of my friends that how can I make consistent profit, many of them suggest me to use robot. I start my trading with robot but I again lost around to $3000 in my real trading account.

My next step was to start again from the basics of forex but I was not getting any good source regarding forex trading education. I started to search on the internet about it. And finally I come to know about "The Robo Forex Forum". That was one of the biggest day of my life.

Robo forex Forum.JPG

I joined Robo Forex Forum on 17th August 2013. I create an account in Robo forex forum and after that my next step was to create a very good trading strategy for my trading system. I started to check all the forum section and threads, that time there were less threads in this forum. I feel that trend following trading strategy will be a good choice because it was looking very simple and easy to understand.
There were few (Moderator Gamer) threads about trend following trading system I started to focus on them. I started to work on EMA trading strategy. I want to show you screenshots of those threads they are as follows:

Trend 1.JPG

Trend 2.JPG

I am already doing a lot of hard work and study since September 2013. And within one year learning I improved my self a lot. Now I have my own trading strategy which giving me a very good result in trading. I am very thankful to all Robo Forex Team for that. Now my trading graph is looking like this

My strategy.JPG

Robo Forex forum also helped to know about the value of patience, risk management, money management, hard work, controlling emotion and greed in forex. I am very thankful to all robo forex members and moderators for this.

In Conclusion I am only want to say that there are many online forex forums from where you can get information about forex but Robo forex forum is number one in the world. And we all should join this great community. Long Live Robo Forex Forum