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    roboforex forum - great campaign by roboforex - boon for all beginners

    Forex is full of risk and beginners like me lose a lot of money here.Beginners are very confused when they start real trading and on getting a big loss they may get emotionally effected. Many beginners face big losses and They think that earning in Forex is possible but is very risky and even some of them stop trading for ever due to the high disappointment. This happens to trader who have good learning and demo practice also because none of this helps them to control their emotions. This has to be learned only with real trading.

    My mistake
    : I traded directly without learning anything. I saw that the prices of currency pairs move quite a lot and also we get huge leverage in Forex trading. This made me believe that earning with Forex is easy. This is the reason I lost huge money trading with real account with other brokers. When ever I used to get a loss I would invest everything I had and usually lost all . I would then look for new money and my salary to invest again and start trading. This continued for few months and I was losing continuously in trading. I did not knew the importance of controlling emotions and I never wanted a loss though most of the time I blew my accounts.


    Roforoex forum helped me a lot

    I came to know then that roboforex has started a bonus program where a person could earn good incentives for posting anything related to Forex. Honestly, I joined this forum solely for the sake of earning bonus. But then I read the informative threads started by great educators like valuetrader n this forum. It was then I came to know how much there is to learn to be successful in Forex. I have learned the importance of using money management and risk management from these threads. I have learned that indicators can be used for our benefit to study the market. The drawbacks of involvement of emotions with out trading.Learning at roboforex forum is both interesting and also rewarding. The threads here are informative and also in a language that even beginner traders can understand easily. So I am grateful to the forum for not only giving me good bonus but it helped me change my way of trading entirely. It is converting me into a successful trader from a loser.


    My conclusion Roboforex forum is the best place for beginners to learn and Roboforex is the best place to trade. When a trader starts trading by investing real money that it is very likely that his trading gets effected with emotions. By the time he learns controlling the emotions and learns patience he may lose a lot of money. Roboforex forum gives good bonus with which a trader can start trading initially. This will give him real trading environments and feelings and can help him learn a lot and also learn patience and emotional control. Then when he have confidence he can invest big and start exploiting the opportunities of the Forex market in a big way. In simple terms This forum is a great promotions which is helping a lot of beginners in the field of Forex.
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