A golden day with a great broker - My first big win with Roboforex
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Thread: A golden day with a great broker - My first big win with Roboforex

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    A golden day with a great broker - My first big win with Roboforex

    I started trading Forex with a broker ( I would not name it but instead call it broker X ). I started trading with this broker X as I read about a deposit bonus in an online advertisement. But when I started trading with this broker X, I found that it had high spreads and also to process my withdrawal of $250 they took a complete one week saying they need to check my account for security reasons.

    I decided that I needed a better broker which had better spreads, better trading conditions and faster withdrawals. I started feeling uncomfortable trading with that broker X and started searching for a better broker. Then I read some good reviews about Roboforex and wanted to test it. I opened a demo procent account just to know the spreads it charged. To my excitement the spreads were just what I wanted. Then immediately I opened a real pro cent account with Roboforex and started trading with it. I soon realized that earning with Roboforex was much easier with its low spreads, instant execution, no re-quotes and extraordinary trading conditions.

    At Roboforex the conditions are great and there is almost everything that a trader can look for in a good broker.

    Some great things I like about Roboforex:

    1. Excellent spreads : I love trading using the low variable spreads of Roboforex. I would like to inform new traders that with variable spread accounts the spreads are low at all times and only increase during some major news.
    2. Fast and timely withdrawals : Most of the withdrawals are instant and those that are not processed instantly are executed in a matter of hours.
    3. No re-quotes: A trader can feel the benefits of "no re-quotes" while trading.
    3. Great and genuine promotions : Always there are great promotions run by Roboforex company for the benefit of its traders.
    4. Excellent customer support which is friendly and knowledgeable.

    My great day at Roboforex


    About an year ago when I was new at Roboforex I started trading as usual. I started the day with a deposit of 480$. I traded during the whole day opening and closing several trades. But that day was of gold for me since all of my trades were going correct such that by night I had $1620 in my account. My heart was filled with joy but there was also some anxiety in my mind. I was new at Roboforex and had not made such big withdrawals previously and so had some doubt if my profits were denied on some grounds.

    Still I gladly made the withdrawal request for the full 1620$ and slept . I had some worry that if my withdrawal be rejected or my profits denied on some grounds then all my efforts will go in vain. I had spend the full day in front of the computer studying the market and trading. When I woke up the first thing I did was to switch on my laptop to check my withdrawal. To my great pleasure the money was there in my Webmoney account. All worry and anxiety vanished and there was only happiness left in my mind. I was very happy both for my big profits and that I found the broker I can trust and trade with confidence forever. I now knew that I need not worry about my money with Roboforex and that both my deposit and profits are always safe with Roboforex.

    My withdraw experience
    I am unable to provide the screenshot of my above given experience of the Golden Day since the account has been archived as the experience is over 1 and a half year ago when I was quite new to Roboforex. Below I am furnishing the screenshots of some of my recent withdrawals with Roboforex which are always processed either Instantly or in a matter of hours

    withdraw screen shots
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