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Thread: Access of account in any meta trader 4

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    Access of account in any meta trader 4

    Hi friends,

    In this thread, I want to tell you all that most of us don't know that we can login our accounts with any broker's meta trader, do you know about it? I think that most of you will answer know, and keen to know about it, so I would like to tell you all that yes, it is possible, you don't need to download meta trader of all the brokers, you can login your any broker account with any meta trader, you will need only a meta trader 4 of any broker, then you will do all the things just like you do with your broker, but in the field of server, you will have to insert the IP address of your broker, then you will see that your account will log in with other broker. I personally have done this thing several times, because I don't want to download several meta trader.

    I have accounts with several brokers, so it is very difficult for me to download all the meta trader seperately, so I ask the IP address to online support of the broker and then login the account with my recent meta trader, and I don't forget to click on (save information) checkbox. I hope that information will help you. Any comment related to this matter is welcome.

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    This is a good new entry, which you already know about, when you do not want to switch too much Meta traders, this thing really works, you can combine two or more broker accounts between a meta merchant, only know the server's IP address Broker , And all things will do the same, you do not have to create a new profile or template, but if the broker If different conditions, such as the Mini, Saint or an icon, but it can cause some problems.

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