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    Yeah, Surely a trader must fail in his trade in one way or the other, but his ability to learn from his fails and mistake is what makes a good trader. Trade and fail and trade again, surely you will still get it one day but it only requires your concentration and hard works. Going for more research and learning will also make you to improve in your trading live and build in the spirit and mindset of how to make your profit in your trades.

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    failed traders are the traders that do not know how to trade, they may be trade randomly or trade without plan and so they get repeated loses from the market, they should always trade with a plan and strategy and stick with its rules to be able to succeed and make money.

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    Yes, I think this series of nightmares most traders pass through at the beginning of their work in the forex and must pass by that way in order to reach a profitable Strategy which is the result of a personal experience , as the road to success is never to be easy .

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    with the good work on focus as managing use of details with the system evaluation and analytics to improves of the better precision with the trading performance trader might secure on further to enter with the less on chance on not to lose and keep with the manage to complete of target with the terms of plan and moves with the future to manage the new plan with stronger confidence.

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    it appears that most of us have the same kind of beginning in this business, the picture you have painted has happen to me many time and i have been able to learn through the process, but one thing i have found out is that at the end of the day, those who are serious about the business who are not just here because they feel forex is a place they can make cheap money will eventually pull through using all the past experience as a stepping stone to move to the top ladder of the business, they later understood that forex is a business of time and that if you are in a haste to make money in forex, then you may never make any real money, but when you take your time to take your trades with great caution then you will eventually make it.

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    i will like to answer your post by quoting a certain quotation i saw in this forum by Henry Ford, he says that "whether you think you can or you think you can not, you are right'I have been ruminating over this quote since i came across it in this forum and i got to know that we determine our destiny in life by what we chose to believe and do , so if you say you are a failure in forex, then you are but if you say you are not a failure then you are not , but as for me i have chosen never to be a failure in this business any longer, it is very true that i have failed in this business many times before, but now i say NEVER AGAIN! and i stand by that.

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    We have lack of trading experience and trading knowledge. Our analysis is perfect but we are greedy in Forex market. Because of, we are loser . We want to recover our loss balance by deposit. But we are fail. We can not maintain our tolerance.So, Now I am reading in forum and writing some article and earning some credits.

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    you are a fail traders!why ?this is because you do not have proper way to manage your trading habit and ides also because you do not have focus and also you dont take trading serious thus we end up failing all the times we try to progress in our trading we should change our attitude and develop a positive attitude so that we might be able to become successful

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    I know many traders fail because of lack of understanding of the analysis or not discipline on trading system rules and money management. I have a bad experience because trading with no discipline. I violate trading rules, so have a high risk. Trader must have the correct mindset, not to repeat the same mistake, because it is very dangerous, I will try to minimize risk by always discipline on rule money management and trading system rule

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    my friend, i know that the forex business is not easy, but still there are so many traders qw are making some success in this business, if you are strong willed and you made your mind up to become successful in the forex business i can tell you that no amount of time you have failed that will stop you from achieving your aim and desire, i know forex is not easy yet we still can make it because there is nothing good that ids easy in life , go and check out the history of those who have become successful in one field of life the other, and you will see it is always by determination even in the face of stiff oppositions.

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