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    Quote Originally Posted by erespe View Post
    Well congrats then, I still struggle to make my second withdraw from this bonus account. I hope next year my trading plan will be better and I can consistently making profit from here as I now develop a new strategy that seems give me a hope
    Well, you belongs to indonesia and that is a land of forex traders, I hope you will get good results and experience from forex market very soon, if you have a trading plan then discuss here, so that if there is any other mistake or something is missing then it could be discussed and explore, it will increase your experience too.

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    I am also facing this kinds of frustation but i can't control it . What can i do . The interesting part is that i am giving reply to this post because i want to deposit money through forum after losing my capital . But will it help me , i don't know . That's reality .

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    Its been long time, when I was a newbie trader too, I got many bad experience about trading, and some good experience too, At the beginning of my trading career, there was some times when I lost all of my money, only in one trade, But as I am a part time trader, So I never back down or fall down from any loss, I always tried to refresh my mind and start again. losing money doesn't mean I am a fail trader, after losing money if someone leave trading then he/she should be called as a fail trader.

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    It is not an easy thing to be a failed trader. One should relate to this very well, and try to know the cause of the initial failure you do the right correction to it. I do not like if a trader is failing due to a minor reasons, and the initial failures could be as a result of the minutest reasons that one could possibly ignore.

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    For me that trader who not follow proper discipline and try to do gambling trading all the time is one of the top failure trader in forex there are many hard worker trader also but due to some other reasons they loose money in forex. I think we all loose money in forex but if we are loosing money within regular learning that's not bad at all for us

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    not discipline are factors that drive a Forex trader to lose the necessary attitude in handling a certain Forex trading session. Thus, you should always keep in pace the effects your emotions may cause you on Forex trading. The most difficult thing to learn when entering the Forex marketing is these factors. Because they are built within you naturally since you were a child, but through constant practice, you may manipulate your emotions.

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    Our discipline can help us to make money in forex but along with we should have a very good experience with our emotion and greed too in forex. Because most of time we able to see that a trader learn well about forex but because of less experience of emotion and greed he loose money regularly in forex

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    we know most people do not profit for a number of reasons and so they lose out. Although I couldn't say for certain what the figure ought to be, from my personal experience i think 95% captures it. traders failing because they will start trading without having good knowledge about trading and also without having any backup plants then if they get some loss then they are investing huge amount again to recover the lost amount in previous order in this loosing more money

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    it is very nice thread, i think that i am still a bad trader, for that i have enough to learn for doing better in the forex business, we know that forex is the biggest trading platform, my trading plane sometimes and the other time it goes to the loss that why i can say that i am a failure trader,

    but i am working hard to over come this situation,

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    No problem dear if you are a bad trader then you can become a good trader too. There is a possibility to become a good trader too for that you have to learn from your mistakes, Anything can happen in this business we have to just never loose our hope in forex. I will you a great success in forex market hope you will gain better profit in near future

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