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    Pressure Mounts on RBA to Cut Rates Next Week

    Pressure is mounting on Australia’s central bank to join developed-market peers in easing monetary policy as falling oil prices and stagnant economies spread disinflation.

    The Reserve Bank of New Zealand abandoned a tightening bias today and warned of negative annual headline inflation, a day after Singapore’s unscheduled easing. Those moves followed Canada and India unexpectedly cutting borrowing costs and Europe announcing quantitative easing.

    “The key driver for these central banks is increasing downside risks to global inflation and growth,” said Su-Lin Ong, head of Australian economic and fixed-income strategy at Royal Bank of Canada in Sydney. “Canada talked about an insurance cut and pointed at energy, you substitute that in Australia for iron ore and dairy in New Zealand. It’s no coincidence that the commodity nations’ central banks are shifting rapidly in policy assessments.”


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    AUDNZD both are very nice currencies to trade with. Yes both are pretty good and with both you can make good money. money making in the forex market is not easy unless you find a good instrument to trade with. if you find a good instrument to trade than making money is a good thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by forexlearner View Post
    Hello guys I am making this thread regarding Aud/Nzd currency pair discussion in this thread we will discuss about the Aud/Nzd market analysis, market discussion, and signals. But keep in mind that you have to always post a screenshot before posting any signal regarding this currency pair.

    If there will be any signal without a screenshot then it will create many doubts in our mind regarding the market analysis. So our signal, should be proper shown by a screenshot. And if you have no signal regarding this market then you can just only share about your view regarding the market.

    Aud/Nzd market is looking in a bearish zone from here. as we can see in the chart that this market already break the strong support point that is 0.9155 now market is looking forward to lower area 1.07720, 1.06496

    Attachment 11739
    There is a good set up on this chart and the fact that it is on daily time frame makes the signal more reliable. If I were to take this trade, I would just put a pending order of sell limit very close to that level of tripple bottom which is a resistance turns support and my take profit will be the next cycle low below where you indicated with arrow. If a trader can exercise patience, he will get a good trade setup of a very high probability trade

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    1.0690 can be top we can think of ell at this price now . also it is very clear through the cart that the price may moved for a long time in the up ward direction and we have to think of the reflexive direction according to the bollinger bands indicator also the rsi clearly give us a signal for sell .


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    Audnzd is one pair that I like trading the time when it's most active is mostly when am asleep but when I trade there are some things that I look forward to seeing in this particular pairs there are swing that I look forward to getting up and down swing because the strength of the pairs is almost similar

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    I think the NZD Dolaramam dollar bullish and strongly targets p chart is up and Zlk because he asked in a very Koiq on Frame daily and stop lose in case of buying the blue area below the area

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    NZD dollars now reached overbought territory, which you spoke about yesterday and an investigator 10 Pep gain and forgotten to put a stop lose Luz below the area is blue on the chartNZDUSDDaily.png

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    Looking at the daily time frame, you will notice a triple top level that pulled down the price again and that serves as a resistance for nor because the price has tested the level three times.I will keep my focus on 38.2 and 50.0 Fibo retracement levels to see how price reacts before thinking of riding with the uptrend. Which means I will be looking for an opportunity to buy at those levels when I see a good buy set up


    If you look at the monthly chart below, you will observe that this pair has already started up trend but the pull back you see on this month candle was as a result of triple top I mentioned on daily chart and you will still see that the monthly candle bias is still upward. I do not rule out the possibility of a small pull back before the market finds a support to move up higher. I remain bullish on this pair and I will be looking forward to buy when I see a good opportunity to do so. I have already bookmarked this page so that I will follow up on the update next week . We need to keep the thread active and add more values so that others can learn

    CaptureAUDNZD MONTHLY.jpg

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    I think that AUD/NZD might get a few beating down. For the logic, just watch the gold cross pair since it is going down right now. As long gold goes down then AUD will goes down too since AUD is a metal currency and gold will be one of it too. So i might expect further weakness in AUD/NZD pair although it will not be too big.

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    In this session after Open TOkyo Market hour 11/14/2016,I will analysis chart AUD/NZD by Indicator Alligator.The price upper Gator Teeth the red color and Gator Lips The green color and Alligator jaws the blue color. Beside that the price at upper open market hour Tokyo around 1.0611 and close London 04/11/2016 around 1.0584 So the price maybe will Up position with the target poin around Fibo 125(1.0712) if the price pass th 100.0(1.0642).Stop loss below Tokyo open market hour or cut loss if the price playing below indicator Alligator.We can make SL+1 if we have made the profit.

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