I am making this thread for those trader's who like to do trade in Aud/Usd pair in this thread we will discuss about Aud/Usd market analysis I will post my own view regarding the market. And along with it you have to also share your opinion regarding the Aud/Usd Currency pair.

Aud/Usd is a basic major currency pair. And I think most of all trader's like to do trade in this pair that's why I am opening this thread to discuss about Aud/Usd market. Hope we all will grow this thread by our discussion, analysis, etc.

There are many good trader's in this forum and I want to request them that they can also share their analysis about Aud/Usd market.

As we can see in the chart that Market break already the strong support in the chart from here market is looking more bearsh to me now.