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Thread: As a part time trader which strategy is best for us?

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    Been a part time trader, your sure bet would be the long term strategy because this strategy is what can help you trade even when you do not open your chart. What a part time trader will do is to make analysis for a long term trade and check what opportunity present itself. Then he open a trade for that opportunity with good risk management in place. Also he calculate the right stop loss and take profits on such trade so that his capital don't get wiped out if loss gets to occur.

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    As a part time trader, I will suggest that the trading strategy that should be used should be the one more depending on the higher time frame. You should be able to use the higher time frame when trading, because the higher time frame helps traders to make good decisions. In addition, the use of the daily time frame will also be a great time frame as you will not be needing to be on the chart all the times.

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    I am a trader and I don't trade all the time, I believe that the market is best when traded in your own best timing, I see my best timing as when I trade and follow the trend, that has been my means and approach of trading, aside from the trend I don't trade, therefore I am a part time trader who only comes into the market when there is a trend in play.

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    you can trade the market and still be working in any where of your choice,all you need to do is to look for a long term strategy that will help you make analysis when you finish from your day job.that was the kind of strategy i was using to trade the market when i was a new trader and it really helped me to become a better trader and i made a lot of profit as a trader at that time.

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