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Thread: Hey Beginner, Come on Start Forex Trading business correctly

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    There are quite a lot of things to be learned, the beginners should take the market seriously, they shouldn't be all about how much they can make so faster. Experience has made me know that when you are a beginner trader then you are more concerned about the amount of money that you will make. Beginners should always learn to make evaluation and then correct their mistakes.

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    Before entering any exchange ensure that you got your work done, did you do Fundamental analysis of the markets - investigate your economic schedule, what's going on with different nations? Will there be announcements that will impact the currency you are going to exchange? Did you choose where your entry and exit point will be? Remember to set your stop loss! Generally your exchange can be heartbreaking for you if the market betrays you and you don't escape your exchange time.

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    One of the most difficult things for the newbie is to develop his own strategy. It becomes especially complicated in a case when the novice trader is not familiar with coding that is necessary to be able to express the rules of the strategy in the form of code to use it in the trading platform. Nowadays it becomes easier due to the special tools like Visual Strategy Buider - an online tool with quire simple drag-and-drop interface allowing trader to create his own strategy from the pre-defined elements, such as conditions and actions. It takes only a few hours to get familiar with it, and then you will be able to create your own strategy just in a few steps and then export it.

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