First of all I want to welcome all new trader's in this business I am doing trading since 4 years in this business. Soon I will complete my fifth year too I want to share some good trading topics with new trader's. I am making thread's from day for new trader's because most of new trader's are facing too much problem in this forum to know about this business even they are not getting that how to use their meta trader 4 software tools and indicator.

I want to help all those new trader's and want to tell them that how they can use meta trader 4 terminal tools, indicators, and how they can make a template in meta trader terminal. I will tell you about our more meta trader 4 features also

This is my first thread in which I will tell all new trader's that how they can make a template in forex. I can understand that many trader's are not getting even the meaning of template in meta trader 4 after reading my thread and watching my charts you will automatically able to know about that. And if there is any question regarding this thread then you can post it without any reason.

Now I want to show you that how to make an template in meta trader 4.

Suppose you make a trading strategy for you and you want to use the same trading strategy in your all currency pair then you don't have to apply all your trading strategy setting again and again you have to just make it once. And after that you can apply in any type of currency pair check my graphs.

1. In first step we will just set a trading strategy for us and after that we will click on templates option in meta trader terminal after that we will click on save template

Template 1.jpg

2. After that our next step will be to save our template. And you can save it within a name like I give moving average 1 name to my template

template 2.jpg

3. After that if anytime you want to use your template then first click on Load template

Template 3.jpg

4. That's it now you have to do just click on your saved template and chart will automatically give you our strategy setting. Last time I set my template with moving average 1 name and I select that template you have to do same like that. After that you can see that how any currency trading chart giving you your own trading strategy setting without doing the same adjustment again and again

template 4.jpg