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Thread: Do you know how to make an template and how to use it?

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    making of template is good because many traders want to trade with certain styles and so they want to trade with some strategies and so they want to apply the templates of them and so they can be able to trade with it and make some money easily and continuously, using of some good templates will make trading more simpler.

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    To install or create a new template in the MT4 terminal, this thread is well-understood to understand all the new traders and if you have problems creating a template before this, then know how to do it yourself. Threads and all the comments below can solve such a person's problem. Always we should find out our inability to guide us through our for other traders.

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    after I read everything from top to bottom now I just understand that to trade in many pairs using the same technique, it doesn't have to install all the indicators that are used but just enough templates and I think it's also quite practical because it only creates templates and can be directly used for all pairs without making more settings

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    I think its best that we first know what kind of indicator we have to install or add to our mt4 trading platform. Its best if we check if theirs an instruction on how to add it to start with to prevent redundancy in installing the indicator. Also its best if we can auto or run it first if its working properly before using it for best and accurate result.

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    Starting with a demo account is fine but do you really have the patience to wait that whole time? There are traders that can absorb the knowledge faster so i think that it's fine for them to learn more about trading from demo account. But as for the slow trader, they need quite a lot of time to learn from the demo account and that might even take them 1 full year as well.

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