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Thread: "My day with Roboforex" Contest

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    Every day is unique. However, in our daily routine we tend to forget about it. Why not to capture our daily experiences with pictures, photos and notes, especially if you can get a prize for that?

    Administration of Roboforex forum suggests all users to participate in brand new contest named “My day with Roboforex”. Describe one day of your life with Roboforex, make your story colourful and win a prize!

    Terms and conditions:

    Contest is held since December 1 until December 23
    Results of the contest will be announced December 24
    Prizes will be given before December 26

    All participants are agree with the fact that Roboforex company can use contest threads for its marketing or advertising goals.

    To participate in the contest, user has to:

    Attention: In the name of a contest thread participants have to mention name of any service of the (Roboforex) company listed above. It’s prohibited to duplicate names of threads.

    Examples: “My first profit with RoboForex”, “How I became familiar with RoboOption”, “RoboOption - easy and convenient”

    Criterias for evaluation:

    • Size of the first post in a thread - 2500 symbols (excluding spaces);
    • Each story must contain conclusion about any mentioned Roboforex service - you have to describe reasons for choosing this service;
    • Each story has to be unique;
    • Screenshots are required;
    • Proper spelling.


    Winners will be definded by council of moderators according to criterias listed above and overall quality of the content.

    To evaluate contest threads, we will take into consideration:

    • Correspondence of thread to criterias;
    • Popularity of thread (number of visits);
    • Activity of users in contest thread;
    • Quantity of “thumbs up” clicks*.

    *we will carefully monitor any fraudulent activity concerning “thumbs up” clicks.


    1st place - 100 USD
    2nd place - 60 USD
    3rd place - 50 USD
    4th place - 35 USD
    5th place - 30 USD

    6th place - 25 USD
    7th place - 20 USD
    8th place - 15 USD
    9th place - 10 USD
    10th place - 5 USD

    *Przes will be paid in a form of forum bonuses.
    **In case quantity of participants will be insufficient, administration can lower quantity of prizes. If there would be no threads with correponding quality of content, first prize may not be given

    You can ask any questions about this contest in this thread.

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    Another year is about to be finished. And another birthday is coming near for this forum. Last year we got a contest related to birthday of this forum. I wish we might see another contest like that this year too. I am sure if it is, that will be nice and interesting too. I wish early happy birthday to roboforex forum. Long live roboforex forum.

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