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Thread: Do you hate scalping strategy

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    Many times placed my view bout the scalping method but I did not leave that totally. Because when getting the market sideways I employ this method. What I want to say in forex experience are the main weapons that able us to make a profit any circumstance. A good more trad can measure and read the market and what kind of trade you will make he can understand. So all strategy is needed to learn in order to make good trade all times.
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    scalping is one of the trading methods and there is no need to start hating it but I would say that if you do not have adequate trading knowledge in this trading business then no need to start using it but we should always make sure that we are well equipped with the right trading skills, knowledge and experiences which shall make us to become better and earners over time. Making money here is as a result of learning and increasing our knowledge about the trading method we are going to start using over time.

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    Scalping is one of the strategies that is so useful in short term trading, it is very profitable if trader learn it well before embarking on its use for trading, scalpers are making good profits and the small account could be grown within a short time using the strategy,though it requires that traders have patience staying with the computer system.

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    You dpnt have any reason to hate scalping strategy because this strategy for some traders are very useful and for some else is very dangerous. All trader is different and also about strategy not all traders are suit for scalping and as trader forex we must to know what are strategies is suit for us.

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