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Thread: Do you hate scalping strategy

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    There is nobody that will hate scalping without a good reason but we should always learn to take responsibility for our trading actions because sometimes we take the market as something that doesn't not require hard work and this is where we encounter serious challenges at the end of the day, scalping is not for someone that wants to trade without practice and patience.

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    Forex trading is the business that you would want to be part of so that you can earn good amount of money. Therefore, the market being a risky business such trading strategy such as the scalping trading method does not match with the way a trader can earn money from the market. I don't like trading with the use of scalping trading means, it does not work.

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    There are many different opinions about scalping. Some traders earn money and like scalping, the others have lost money and they do not want scalping any more. But generally all strategies are good and profitable if they are used in the right place and at the right time and profitability depends on experience. So there is no reason to hate scalping.

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    I don't hate but then I don't make use of it, because I know what works for me and then what that does not work for me. However it is obvious that the use of the scalping trading method is only for the traders that are looking forward to making huge amount of money in a short time and then we can see that it is not possible with the use of forex trading.

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    Get knowledge about trade and have decision to enter and exit from this market are different thing , we have to trade with the best trade strategies we are working with it , we must have to make our plan very well, if we have learning enough and we have practice for trade we have to work safely with the best system of trade .

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    I believe there is no point in that because this is what many traders with good knowledge and experience have used to rake in hundreds of dollars for themselves in the market, the strategy is one that involves proper planning and execution, the challenge for most people is basically that of greed, they think trading does not pose any challenges hence getting some short cut is the best approach they can adopt for their profitability, unfortunately this is not how it end.

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    Trading can be so risky but yet not a bad strategy to trade with, though some traders consider this strategy to be a bad strategy because they don't have much experience and knowledge to trade with this strategy successfully but the truth is that scalping is not bad if you can master how to trade with this strategy properly you will see it as a good strategy.

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    I do not hate the scalping trading strategy which is very risk and dangerous for traders and if you are make mistakes on your trading then you will never earn any thing with this strategy. I do not hate the scalping trading strategy but I also not like to trade with this strategy because this is too much risky and dangerous trading strategy,

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    I hate this trading strategy because this trading strategy is very dangerous for traders and when traders are use these type of risky trading strategies they are lose their money. I want to use low risky trading strategies like the higher time frame trading strategies which are help traders to earn with low risk. If you want to survive on Forex market then you are not need to take high risk on your trading with scalping trading strategy.

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    I do not hate scalping because it's also a great way to trade and make money in short period of time without the scalping there is no way you can make money in short time if you really need some quick cash from the market, so scalping isn't bad after all, it's also a great trading platform to trade and earn with in the market.

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