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Thread: Do you hate scalping strategy

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    Every trader is free to work on any strategy which they want to choose and to work on it so this is our decision making ability that help us to choose an erect method for working rightly and on the basis of experience and good knowledge will help to favor a strategy other the other and having the right skills and gain the good ability to work rightly will effects positively and we will win success through it .

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    Hating any strategy or form of trading in the forex market may not really help us much to learn about them, because hate itself is a form of emotion in this market that could obstruct our ability to see the good side of this strategy or learn useful and valuable lessons from these scalping strategies that may help us to trade better with other strategies.

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    I also dont like to trade with the scalping because to work with it safely is not easy by using the scalping on the daily basis so we can lose the money more obviously by using the scalping so i dont make use it and i like to use the long term methods which are very valid for working rightly and attain more chances of success from it .
    Anyone who want to scalp should be very careful because this is the style of trading that will keep us more prone to losses. We have to see at our own results that is the profits and losses we are getting when we scalping and this will show us what really scalping is. As Forex traders we need to be alert and root out those things from our trading that are waste or making us to lose money.

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    There are traders who make money with this strategy that you hate those trader's enjoy scalping because they understand how it work, when you use a strategy you don't understand or you are not using proper risk management with you don't plan for such strategy to work for you, you need to have self discipline before you can be a good scalper no need of hating the strategy.

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    A lot of traders condemn scalping, without having a good understanding about how it work, they try scalping for few days and condemn it and the worst part is that they never take quality time to study this strategy well before using it, scalping is not a strategy that you will hate if you learn and understand it properly before you start to use it in the real account.

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    With the help of good experience and to do practices a lot on the scalping strategy this could be possible to avail the chances of success because full of our focus and concentration on the trade specific trade strategy and having the unlimited knowledge will prefer us to define the trade more effectively and earn the maximum chances of success surely .

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    scalping is risky and many traders have lost the money using scalping trading method but i think all trading strategy are risky without experience and knowledge so you can need to get more then knowledge and experience about the forex business then you will easily make and build strong or profitable trading strategy for our trading business with good profit.

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    i am not use scalping as my trading strategy but i don't hate it, i think all trading strategies is good and all it depend on ourselves it is we are suit for that or not, we can not blame any strategies if we have got loss in this market and the main factor why trader loss it is not because strategy but not discipline.

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    This is the best thread , i like to comment on this thread , i like to trade on the basis of news and use of basic rules of trading . this is the best method to earn money . the earning money is not difficult in the forex trading . I cannot hate the scalping trading but none expert traders hate the scalping method .

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    The scalping trading is the best for those traders that are expert in the trading , this is the best for those who invest a lots and work hard to earn some money from the forex . the forex trading system is the best way to earn money . some traders hate the scalping because they are not expert in the forex trading .

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