Dear users. Many of you have questions about raising your current status on the forum.
I remind that currently there are 4 statuses that determine size of the payment for posting (according to "Comminucative deposit" promotion).

Low cost: Multiplier 0,2
(User in this group receives 1 cent for post)

Registered user: Multiplier 1
(User in this group receives 5 cents for post)

Rookie: Multiplier 2
(User in this group receives 10 cents for post)

Pro: Multiplier 4
(User in this group receives 20 cents for post)

For details, read carefully this thread.

How to raise your status?

By default every user gets "Registered user" status. So, the next step is "Rookie". To upgrade to Rookie, user has to create at least 1 valuable thread and to facilitate discussion there, which means that it's not sufficient to just create a thread, but also you have to comment on posts of other users, to ask questions, to add new posts there regularly.
Also, keep in mind, that content in this thread should be valuable. It's not enough just to make a head post like "Trading is a gambling or hard work, how do you think?". It's better if you share your own experience, express your own thoughts on the topic, create original content.

To get to "Rookie" group, you have to post at least 50 posts. Some users come to the forum and want to get upgrade immediately. You have to earn it and prove to other members of our community that you can share really valuable information. So, your posts should be valuable as well. They can be either about trading strategies or trading psychology. If you attach any screenshots to your posts, it will increase overall value of your content.

To get to "Pro" group from "Rookie" and start receiving 20 cents per post, you have to make more than 5 threads and 250 posts. Of course, your threads and posts have to be valualbe and concern trading in general or any aspects of trading. We are willing to give "Pro" status to those who are passionate about process of trading and sharing groundbreaking ideas with the community.

Low cost
But beware that your current status can not only be upgraded, but can be downgraded as well. If you create regularly meaningless posts just to have more payment, your status can be downgraded to "low cost".

Important! Your once earned status on the forum is not final. If you have achieved, say, "Rookie" status, and after that you started posting multiple meaningless posts, you can be trasfered back to "Registered users" group and even "Low cost" group.

Criterias for valuable post

What does it mean that your post is "valuable"? How it will be evaluated? Of course, there is a subjective thing, however below is a check-list that you can look at.

Valuable post has to:

  • be written in a proper English language. Multiple misspellings, spelling and other mistakes will decrease value of your post
  • be written preferably about your trading experience. Nobody is interested in reading reposted "wise" quotes from best selling books
  • contain original thoughts and ideas. When you talk to someone, you expect to hear something interesing, don't you?
  • be supported with screenshots (if you are commenting on your trading desicions)

Who is responsible for changing your status?

Decisions on changing statues of users are made by council of moderators on a monthly basis. To make a request on changing your status, make a post in this thread according to instruction in the head post. We will add your account to the watch-list, and in case you match all the criterias of mentioned above, your status will be upgraded soon.