How to Change My Trading Account Name ?
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Thread: How to Change My Trading Account Name ?

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    How to Change My Trading Account Name ?

    Here i got a problem with my account name because my account name not match with "Skrill"
    1) In this situation how possible to withdrew the fund to Skrill?
    Is it trading account name not necessary to withdrew fund to Skrill ?
    that i mean i can withdrew what i earn with roboforex in to any of Skrill?

    2) If it not possible to withdrew with this situation. How i change my trading account name?
    case is i am a newbie for Forex i have open with account under my short name but Skrill goes with my full name because i use skrill to transfer fund to my bank.

    3)What i have to do now ?

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    To withdraw your funds your live account should be fully verified (i.e. passport and address verifications).

    When the name in live account is different from the name in the provided documents, we examine each case individually. So please, write a ticket in general questions (it is possible to do it via live account so that we could examine your case carefully.

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