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    Thanks for the sharing on GBP/USD or cable analysis.This is a very good trading strategy that i could say has got all that a trader need's to be successful in the sense that you both showed the technical as well as the fundamentals that is the driving force behind our selling or buying the pair.This is very impressive,keep up the good work.

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    Continue the bearish ride for GBPUSD, next target and test 1.3655

    Still bearish trend for CLABLE, with the beginning of the week we'll see if the TEST in the indicated level will produce a reversing or it'll continue to test lower levels.

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    Comments by UK government spokeswoman Allison Donnelly
    Theresa May had "constructive discussions" with David Davis
    UK is to publish Brexit backstop plan "shortly"
    No one threatened to resign
    Either way, something's gotta give and either May or Davis would have had to make concessions on the end date to the Irish backstop. Let's see which it is when the plan is published later.

    Right now sterling is weighed down by the jibber jabber, with cable trading down to a low of 1.3433.

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    [QUOTE=ngalapreceh;213446]I will make an analysis on GBP / USD or popularly name as CABLE. I used some analysis and some trading strategy. Today I am going to use the analysis of support and resistance. This is a signal from me
    Sell GBP / USD at price 1.5900
    take profit at the pivot 1.5849
    stop loss at resistance 2 price of 1.5945

    [lang=ar]The GBPUSD fell slightly on Friday, extending the losses for the fourth day in a row, as the pound is about to record its second consecutive weekly loss against the greenback as the possibility of raising British interest rates falls next month. The United States has twice this year, especially after comments by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell
    There is no significant data today except the net borrowing of the public sector from Britain at 10:30 am Egypt time
    Technically: the British currency fell against the dollar as expectations were and the pair is imminent to achieve our final target at 1.2950 but rebounded before a few points, but we still expect the pair to pair these levels during today trading as long as trading the lowest levels of 1.3080


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