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    I will make an analysis on GBP / USD or popularly name as CABLE. I used some analysis and some trading strategy. Today I am going to use the analysis of support and resistance. This is a signal from me
    Sell GBP / USD at price 1.5900
    take profit at the pivot 1.5849
    stop loss at resistance 2 price of 1.5945


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    I will give an clue of the analysis using the support resistance for Monday 24 November 2014
    resistance 4 : 1.5901
    resistance 3 : 1.5846
    resistance 2 : 1.5791
    resistance 1 : 1.5741
    pivot point : 1.5686
    support 1 : 1.5636
    support 2 : 1.5581
    support 3 : 1.5531
    support 4 : 1.5481

    I will wait until the price correction at level pivot point, and do open positions SELL at the pivot point level. and put take profit in support 1, stop loss at the resistance 1. If the analysis is correct, I would get a profit of 50 pips


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    I will make an analysis based on support and resistance at 25 November 2014.
    resistance 4 : 1.5877
    resistance 3 : 1.5823
    resistance 2 : 1.5768
    resistance 1 : 1.5737
    pivot point : 1.5682
    support 1 : 1.5651
    support 2 : 1.5596
    support 3 : 1.5565
    support 4 : 1.5533


    in this Asian session, I will focus attention to the level of the pivot point. the price will bounce at the level of the pivot point or the price will break down the level of the pivot point

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    GBP/USD support at 1.5600 will pause the selloff – RBS
    Wed, Nov 26 2014, 06:01 GMT

    FXStreet (Barcelona) - Dmytro Bondar, Technical Analyst at RBS sees the support near 1.5600 level pushing the GBP/USD pair towards consolidation as a pause in the downtrend is highly anticipated.

    Key Quotes

    “The pair found support at the 1.5606 retracement level (50% of Jan – Mar 2013 impulse wave), as MACD remained bearish but showed signs of convergence.”

    “There is an increasingly likely period of consolidation of marginal upside expected, as the price stays above the key support levels and oscillators suggest a pause in the downtrend is looming.”

    “Therefore, with the caveat of a break below 1.5600 (opening 1.5424), I would expect the price to consolidate within 1.5600 – 1.6000 area with further big move depending on the test of 1.5600 support and oscillators developments.”

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    GBP/USD bulls stalled at 1.58 so far - FXStreet
    Thu, Nov 27 2014, 01:20 GMT

    FXStreet (Guatemala) - Valeria Bednarik, chief analyst at FXStreet explained that GBP/USD pressures its daily highs right above the 1.5800 figure, helped not only by dollar weakness, but by a pretty fair UK GDP revision to 3.0% as expected.

    Key Quotes:

    “Unchanged from last month’s preliminary estimated, business investment fell however in the 3rd quarter, suggesting confidence in the economic recovery of the kingdom has not picked up after latest months’ disappointments”.

    “The GPB/USD pair however managed to break above its recent range triggering short term stops and reaching a daily high of 1.5805”.

    “The 1 hour chart shows price extended above a bullish 20 SMA while indicators aim higher despite in overbought territory, supporting further advances”.

    “In the 4 hours chart indicators are losing recent strength also in overbought levels, while 200 EMA heads lower well above current price at 1.5890: that’s the line in the sand for the bearish tone seen over the last months, as price would need to extend above it to see a firmer midterm bullish potential”.

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    GBP/USD Current price: 1.5730

    The GBP/USD pair lost the hard earned ground on Wednesday, as after posting an 11 day high of 1.5825 with the European opening felt back below the 1.5740 level where it stands. There was no catalyst coming from the UK and the calendar will also be light on Friday, with just a minor housing reading scheduled; for the most, it was dollar demand which pushed the pair back lower, based on both, Draghi and OPEC. Technically, the 1 hour chart shows price developing below a strongly bearish 20 SMA, while indicators stand well into negative territory, losing early downward momentum. In the 4 hours chart price rest above a mild bullish 20 SMA while indicators aim to recover above their midlines, all of which keeps the downside limited at least for now. A break below 1.5700 will likely trigger further declines towards 1.5660 while at this point, price needs to extend beyond 1.5825 high to reaffirm a positive tone, something pretty unlikely for this Friday.

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    Sterling is pointing the way - BBH
    Mon, Dec 01 2014, 01:44 GMT

    FXStreet (Guatemala) - Analysts at Brown Brothers Harriman explained the bearish conditions and price in Sterling.

    Key Quotes:

    “It has been in a four cent range, mostly between $1.56 and $1.60. Since the middle of the month it has, with one brief exception, stayed in the lower half of that range”.

    “The precipitous drop in oil prices is yet another factor pushing the market in the direction it was going in any event, and that is to defer the first rate hike”.

    “Ahead of the weekend the December 2015 short-sterling futures contract set a new high for the year (which implies lower interest rate)”.

    “A break of $1.56 targets $1.5540 then $1.5500. We see near-term potential extending toward $1.5425”.

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    I use moving averages as dynamic support and resistance levels, while the market is rising trend, moving average serves as a support. I did open BUY position in the pair GBP / USD, and install the 50 pip take profit and stop loss of 50 pips, I wish today could generate profit. I tried to follow the trend, using the moving average analysis is simple and profitable


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    the able is trading now around a very low region at 1.56 nd i think that it may be set of its journey to up ward especially with this moderate news about the dollar and also we may notice the good data which comes about the British currency . also we may find the levels of 1.57 soon fro the next week is full of the news which support the idea of rising up and touch higher levels
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    Great British Pound:

    Ahead of several key economic indicators this evening (GDP, Current Account and Mortgage Approvals), the Great British Pound has struggled to advance in the face of a notably stronger Greenback. Despite UK stocks which advanced for a fifth day the Sterling traded down to a low of 1.5586 when valued against its US Counterpart opening this morning 0.3 percent lower compared to the same corresponding period yesterday at 1.5590. Whilst lower also against the Aussie (1.9164), the Sterling has managed to maintain its value versus the Kiwi (2.0170).

    We expect a range today of 1.9130 - 1.9200

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