Dear Frields,
Do you know that if we are trading in meta trader 5 then we can increase our lot size whether the market is far from the place of your opened trade. I discovered this thing when I was participating in the demo contest of Mt5 king, that is held with Roboforex.

Let me tell you this thing in simple example. I was trading with low leverage and the capital was 1000$, I couldn't open the trade with more than 2.50$ volume. But I saw people were trading with 5$ and 8$, I was amazed that how it can be possible. But when my trade was in profits and I opened one more trade with 0.50$ then I saw that my profits decreased a little and then the trade became 3$ instead of 2.5$, it means that 0.50$ lot added in my 2.5$, if we follow this rule in the winning trades then we can win at least king MT5 contest, in which the highest volume trader will win.

Friends, what are your opinion regarding this matter?