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Thread: Point out hw can i control our emotion

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    To control your emotions in the forex market first you need to practice good money management, then you also need to admit that you are not in charge of how price in the forex market and also you must realize that trading in the forex market is not a do or die affair and also remind yourself constantly that their will always be another opportunity anytime to miss one.

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    well every person have their own stretchy to control their emotion i have my own stretchy let me show you i always use money management and i put tp and sl aso and after that i never open mt4 for the whole day when i come to know that my tp or sl is hit so i open it :)

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    [lang=ar]Yes Trading is a very profitable business. But to win we need three important things: 1. a good capital management. 2. excellent trading strategy. 3. control of emotions and moods. And this point is more important. Because if we don't control our greed and fear of loss and the riots When the price reflected. We will never win. So you have to control your emotions then start trading.[/lang]

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    Emotions should be kept aside while we are doing business because they distract our attention which is the basic necessary for trading.You must be completely conscious of your work only this is the only way to be successful.

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    Whenever you are doing some kind of business you must control your emotions because emotion don't allow you to think logically and you will face destruction if you have no conscious state of your mind emotions make you weak in your decisions and business is a game of do or die so you have to keep your emotions aside.

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    It comes only with the practice and a lot of experience that you will be able to control your emotions because it is not so easy when you see that the money is coming then you ultimately move to double your position then you try to make a lot of money out of nothing and you try to multiply your profits so this Instinct needs to be controlled appropriately.
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    This is the reason of loss money if you don't controle with your emotion you will loss and loss your money so if you want to controle with your emotion you must make rules first you must creat your trading system with this system put your take profit and stop loss than close your metatrader and go do another somethink

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