Sure Fire Hedging strategy
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Thread: Sure Fire Hedging strategy

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    Sure Fire Hedging strategy

    This strategy is certainly not very much new. I am sure most of the traders may have heard of this strategy. It is called the "sure fire hedging strategy" with martingale money management being used in this kind of trades.

    Currency pairs : I have chosen GBP/JPY only for thie strategy. (But any volatile currency pairs may be used)

    Time Frame : H1 time frame

    Lot sizes : i maintain 1000 pips back up i.e, for $1000 lot sizes are 0.10, 0.30, 0.60, 1.2 ......etc.,

    Hedging image 1.jpg

    The trades are opened with 30 pips or 60 pips difference. Like for example lets assume that the price of currency pair xxx is at 1.9830 and we but at that level then the SL/TP will be SL placed at 60 pips away and take profit will be 30 pips. Suppose the trade has not hit the take profit and returned downwards then a next pending order would already be placed at a difference of 30 pips with lot size of 0.3 i.e,, at sell stop order at 1.9800 and take profit would be 1.9770.

    Hence, the traders are open in the double lot size martingale fashion for more understanding kindly refer to this link

    I really want to focus on the practical implementation of this strategy and this is a sincere try.

    I have created a demo account of $1000 and trying it with $0.10 lot size. I will keep this thread updated with this strategy.

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    Great concept my friend as we know that the use of hedging some time can give you bigger loss also because many trader's don't know how to use the concept of hedging in their real trading account I think if we have to do trade with hedging system then we have to use a very good money management and risk management first and along with it we need a good amount of capital also

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    Dear all, I am extremely sorry for not updating my thread. I had been busy in daily life activities that i could not even post the snapshot of my demo account.

    Let me explain this attachment first. I opened a demo account with $3000 but later decided that i would only want $1000 for trying this trading strategy. Then i traded with sure fire hedging strategy but inbetween i tried the triple hedging which ruined my trade. Hence, again i have restarted the sure fire hedging strategy only with $424 and i was able to reach 3 take profit today.
    sure fire 1.jpg

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    Great strategy my good friend once we realize that the usage of hedging time can grant a person larger loss in addition due to the fact several trader's will not realize how to utilize the very idea of hedging inside their authentic dealing bill I do think in case we will need to complete business having hedging process then we will need to utilize a great money administration in addition to threat administration 1st in addition to along with the item we end up needing ample funds in addition

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    Doing hedging is only possible if you have a very good amount of capital in your trading account and you have to use very less lot size too at the time of trading in this strategy I always use stop loss in my trading actually we need much knowledge of market pattern's which can give us a lot of money in this business so I am not much satisfy with hedging trading system at all

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    Following are the trades of this week. I was able to obtain some of the profitable trades, with most of them not exceeding more than 3 hedged trades.

    Sure fire hedging strategy 2.jpg

    I made one mistake here, instead of placing the stop loss of 60 pips i mistakenly placed it at 30 pips because of which i have faced some loss. This is the mistake of not concentrating properly.

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    Sir you need a very good calculation in this type of trading strategy and one thing also very important here that is your risk management I think you should have a lot of money for hedging trading strategy you can divide your whole capital in 20 to 30 transactions in hedging trading system that will give you a lot of benefit in this system best of luck

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    I know this type of trading, it is very effective if the trader takes it like that. But in the real locking of the position, this will fail at times. But it will protect the account of the trader in the way that will help the trader. In the way of real trading like this, you should never do things too much, it requires using not all the time.

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    There is no need to do hedging every time if we will depend upon this type of trading strategy for every time then it could be risky system of trading I will suggest every to use other trading strategy for his or her trading. Like support and resistance trading system, trend following trading system, swing trading system, etc. Personally I am using stop loss in my trading

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    I use this strategy in 2012, but then I leave this strategy, I created this concept by me personally, at first I thought I was a genius because it can create this kind of concept, but then I found many articles about this strategy in various online media . lol

    The weakness of this strategy is when the market sideways, so I think we should put this strategy when there is a high impact news, or when we find break out moment.

    And should we use ea, because we would waste a lot of time simply because we waiting chart in a long time. I've not slept one night just because waiting for the trend, I ever would have fainted when the market moves in the consolidation of a long time, and until 20 level of martingale. lol
    If you lose, be patient. If you win, stay humble

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