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Thread: Which indicator or system do you think is best for trading binary option?

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    Which indicator or system do you think is best for trading binary option?

    In the truth of the whole matter, binary option trading is more profit massing than the classic forex trading, but the risk involved in trading it is higher too. This is why I believe that a better indicator or trading system with this is the best for all traders doing it. And in binary option, the indicator or system will not work alone for the direction, but for the timing as well.

    In my own view, the binary option should be traded with the indicator or system that works with pivotal lines, I means the support and resistance lines. This line should be the creative point of locating what will be next for the trader (a means of awareness). And the list of indicators and system I have set aside to do this are many, among which are Fibonacci trading system, trend-line diagram, Bollinger bank trading, pivot doing system, moving average etc.

    But, I noticed that it is better to use indicator(either trend trading or reversal ones) with a trading system of breakout together (I mean using Fibonacci with moving average as an example). By this, I think there is a validation and a confirming trading techniques that will buttress the view of the trader over that prevailing direction at that period of time. I have also noticed that Bollinger band is a power binary option trading indicator that can standalone.

    Please, let us all review this and bring about the suggested ways you think you can trade on the robooption trading platform successfully. HAPPY TRADING!

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    using of support and resistance levels and trend always work and the trader will be able to make money in most cases ,also bollinger bands is good as a support and resistance and help the trader in good trading, the trader should always try to use the suitable system for him that will let him to make money from the market, and let him to trade properly all time.

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    [lang=zh-TW]Binary options are the simplest way to make surplus amount of money within a short time frame. One just needs to predict the price movement through free binary options signals and make accurate predictions of an asset’s value. However, in this trading, there is a pre-determine risk and to minimize it, you need to learn fundamentals and work on right strategies.[/lang]

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