Detection the trend is over ?
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Thread: Detection the trend is over ?

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    Detection the trend is over ?

    The main theme of this thread is the whole life question for any trader!
    The trend is over/end when we detect it, when we are able to see it ?
    The detection of trend is over been a mystery cause when we able to watch out from our physical eyes, physically the trend is over, it's always been late.
    Though heiken ashi double same color opposite directional candles though comes handy but accuracy rate is very small or is it good way to use it ? if you have let other people know about it
    one more thing ?
    Please share your views about this ? and also write down that how you see the trend is finish, cause i strongly believe that if anyone only can able to pinpoint that the trend is dead, you may can have entry position, which means the trend ending detection can be real deal for any trader, isn't ?

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    This is very good question sir. It is hard to know if the trend has finished early. But if the trader is patient in this, he will know that it has finished or not. I do not use heiken ashi, but I know how it works, this is not a way that will guaranty reversal for you. My own way of knowing reversal is by using combination of Fibonacci and moving average together. Once Fibonacci confirms and moving average agrees, then it is sure for me. You may use Fibonacci and heiken ashi if that is what you want.

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    detection of the trend is not hard as we can determine it by drawing it on the chart some traders trade with the trend and some traders trade with breakout of the trend, trend is the most powerful tool for trading,if we trade with the trend we will be able to make good profits easily, and going against the trend we will get big loses especially if we determined in on high time frames.

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