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Thread: how to install indicators if any one shared in this forum

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    it is very simple to download or install indicators some one has shared its just very simple install the indicator right away and save it with your other indicators where you have been installing or saving your other indicators and remember the drive you have saved in after installing you ca just easily paste and work with it and trade using the indicator

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    You can search this on the forum because there is already a guide on how to install indicator on your meta trader platform but if you cannot find it you can search Google because I believe there are already a lot of topics about this on Google, it's really easy to attach indicator on your mt4 platform if you follow the instructions carefully everything will be done within a few seconds.

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    Its really easy for us to install any indicator which is share any where on this forum, You need first download the files of that indicator then copy all of its files into indicators folder. If any template folder then install the template into the template folders and then restart our trading terminal. Then you can insert and use that indicators easily in your trading.

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    Trading with the mt4 platform is really easy the hard part about trading is making money cause you need to understand how the market work and develop a good knowledge and skills before you will be able to make more and as for custom indicator if you already downloaded one you can copy and paste it in indicator folder but first you need to locate where you install mt4.

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    Nothing seems to be hard to do as long as there are processes or instructions that you have to follow. To install indicator in mt4 terminal is not hard to do at all in the sense that you can follow the process that it's takes to install it, for you to install indicator in mt4 terminal then you should first of all download that indicator you wish to install then you should locate the file and copy and paste it in your indicator folder and restart your mt4 terminal. If you can't get how to install templates then I think you should look forward elsewhere that you can get clear instructions.

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    it is a good advantage of the meta trader to allow the trader to use custom indicators and strategies as this will let them to build a better strategies for them and trade better and make more money, with desktop meta trader we can add any indicators but try to not load many indicators as this will make the meta trader is heavy and slow in it working.

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    Honestly mt4 is a good trading platform that allows traders to install indicator and find it more easier for them to trade, well there are several post that you can find the best way to install indicator in mt4 platform in this forum, if you can get it clearly after going through some post of information on how to install indicator in mt4 platform then you should try and ask Google on how to install indicator in mt4 trading platform.

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    There is a thread name how to attach indicator in mt4, you should look for that thread when you find it open it and you will see all the instructions or guides you need to follow to attach indicator in you mt4 platform, it will be easy for you and it won't take more than a minute for you to attach indicator in you mt4 terminal when you find it.

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    Indicators are very helpful for us because they are tell us about the market direction. So we are need to know that how to install these indicators in our trading platform. This thread is very helpful for those trades who are not know how to install indicators on their trading account. I know that how to install that is reason I use them and make good earning.

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    Indicators are really helpful for us to use in forex market, a trader with a good understanding about indicators will eventually know which one of indicators suits them to follow. How to install indicator is not a problem, but if it's seems that you can't do that on your own, in that case you should try and follow the thread little how to attach indicator.

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