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Thread: Heiken ASHI smoothed for ctrader

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    we think their effortless for you to Download heiken ashi with regard to c trader, payment with online world sir, now i\'m sure You can consider The item coming from there. I think the indicators is located in the upper side of the platform. Or simply click the Tools in menu bar of c Trader. I wish it help you since that's all I remember about c Trader's indicator.

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    Unfortunately, I have not worked on this platform before and I do not have any information about it because a lot of people use the( Meta Trader) platform that’s the most widespread as you know and its one of the most successful programs that are characterized by simplicity and ease and a lot of tools that smooth the process of trading, so why don’t you try it?

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    Hello thread maker sir i have a hiken asihe index but it is now working in MT4 terminal and I do not know whether it will work on the C-Trader platform. Because I do not know much about the installation of a C-Trader platform, but if we can use the MT4 indicator in the C Trader terminal, I can only send a personal message to the Hikin Asian Indicator and I will help you in this case.

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