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Thread: What is a trading system?

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    So after read some replay and article out there, my conclusion about trading system is developing an effective trading system is not an easy task. It requires a solid understanding of the many parameters available, the ability to make realistic assumptions and the time and dedication to develop the system. However, if developed and deployed properly, a trading system can yield many advantages. It can increase efficiency, free up time and, most importantly, increase your profits. Am i right ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoboForex Trader View Post
    Trading system is a set of tools, rules and algorithms, that will help trader achieve profitability. Whatever combination of tools can be used as a signal – candlesticks combinations, news, indicators and so on. There are no limitations there, trader has flexibility here. The main demand – trading system should have an edge and generate gross profit exceeding gross loss.

    Trading system should be described so, that trader should exactly know how to act in different situations. Trader should stick to his rules and not to break it, otherwise result will be unstable.

    Trading systems can be divided on two groups:

    MTS – Mechanical trading system. Trader executes signals that his system provides, manually. Most popular mechanical systems are based on indicators, but there are some them that even employ news to create a signal.

    ATS – Automatic trading system or robot. It is an algorithm that automatically executes every trading signal. Most automatical systems are based on indicators. There are robots that employ Martingale and locks.

    System consists of:

    1. Strategy (the most important)

    2. Set of rules for entry and exit

    3. Money management (optimizing losses and increasing profits)

    All factors above are used in the exact sequence. Also, it’s important to avoid «over-optimization» and not to fit your parameters to price action from the past to create perfect trading system. Market will change and all optimized trading systems tend to «break» and generate random results after that.
    its break out strategy i think...
    is this could be use on any pairs?? for me my self i only trade on eur-usd but from your picture you use aud-usd
    i know you already write this Valid for almost all currencies.. but do you ever try it for demo on eur-usd pair??
    maybe for every pair it have it own setting and if you already try it share the result for us

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    Developing a good trading strategy is the essence of successful Forex trading. A trading strategy tells us when to enter into a trade and when to exit it. It also tell us when to book profits. A trading strategy can use news, indicators, charts ets for signal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PROPENSITY100 View Post
    Developing a good trading strategy is the essence of successful Forex trading. A trading strategy tells us when to enter into a trade and when to exit it. It also tell us when to book profits. A trading strategy can use news, indicators, charts ets for signal.
    developing a good strategy is surely very much important but if you just randomly develop a strategy without any basis then you'll be digging your own grave. Anyway, i think that a good trading strategy can only be made by some knowledge, basis behind it and practical test for that strategy.

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    Trading system is the platform where you do the trading , this system provide the broker to do the forex trading and in the trading system there are some tools that help the trader to mange the risk in the trading and make the good profit in the forex trading and normally the trading system is two type one is MTS Mechanical trading system.And mostly Mechanical system base on indicator but some of them even employ news to create signal. the other ATS Automatic trading system or robot. It is set of instruction that automatically execute in the trading and it will work,

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    I would like to inform you that I am now a new trader. I started few times ago. But it is not for trading section. I know don't more but I know something as like that. And thanks a lot for your nice post. I think it is more effect for our new traders who want to really learning about Forex trading.

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    good explanation of the trading system, trading system it is indeed a very important thing before we get started trading forex, determine the right trading system can make us earn a consistent profit. and with consistent profits in forex trading is the one that makes us excited to continue to do forex trading
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    i think trading system are the rules we need to understand to open the trade
    first we need to reduce our emotional, then we need to have suit strategy with proper knowledge and experience, and also for the best is money management, we need to put it if we want to stay alive in this business

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    A strategy or a strategy to profit from your Forex trader must have or know when you need to exit your trade in order to open a trading system, should continue to trade in this market, a strategy the best way to succeed in this market, will be able to continue, so. Therefor, it is very important and we need to be able to tank.

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    The system measures where the trading system platform, Forex trading system Forex trading system, good trading profit risk behavior Scrubbers used to allow the industry, and are generally two types of tools can help a mechanical trading system MTS to. Figure of mechanical systems based on, and in many.ATS robot or automated trading system in place is a form of sound. Landowners, business, and, to the provisions of art is automatically.

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