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Thread: What methods will be used for trading

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    Quote Originally Posted by ebrahimeldeeb2 View Post
    Even there are many methods which we can use for our trading but me also using only technical analysis in my trading.i see, everyone have different ability to absorb the lesson and implement them at this business, and they will take some choices that is suit with the style as the basic of talents, they took different ways for it, then we can see different results between both of them
    more and more trading style that is used, it will be the better recognize market movements in trade in this business, in studying the style of trading is necessary and must understand the meaning and workings of the way of trade, must not take it and rate it good use in trading

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    Hello my brother after a year and a half and then the failure of a year and a half success
    I can tell you that your word is absolutely true and I Account factor 13 times the loss in a row.
    I wish you success

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    methods that benefit me in the demo account is to follow the direction of the market. It is also to be patient in waiting for a high impact news to get much profit. But we also should not be greedy that can make us lose control of ourselves.

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    I am doing scalping. Scalping seems best trading strategy to me. Doing scalping I am making much profit and with that profit I am leading very good life. To me scalping seems best way to acquire profit. I do not like to do long term trading. Long term trading is risky. So I do not like to do long term trading. Long term trading is risky and it requires big capital to do long term trading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by newentry View Post
    whatever methods that was used for trading, make sure that all is suitable with the style as the basic of talent, it is very important for traders who want to grow and develop themselves with their own trading system, and for me, the simple trading system is the answer for it, it makes me easy to get the understanding for how to use, manage and update it

    i have tried for some because wanted to get the best one but almost of them just gave me some problems until i backed again to my first style and it works, yes, the simple system is an easy way

    basically there is no perfect method, because there is no single parameter that can determine where the price will move. existing is as a tool to predict the direction of price movements. all methods are good and useful for the user as long as the user can understand the usage & rules of the method

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