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Thread: Layouts in ctrader

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    Layouts in ctrader

    Dear friends, in this thread I want to tell you all that ctrader has at least four kind of layouts that we may use according to our choice, and we can find those layouts in the menu bar, in the option of preference, then you will see layout option, by default the layout is >Default, but you can change it to >Chart trading layout, > Chart only layout > Market analysis layout. People mostly use default layout because it shows the recent price list of currency pairs and if you click on any currency pair then you will understand that how much positions are filling, you can also see the lot size there. I personally use default chart layout, but I will recommend all the traders to try other layouts. So, please try layouts and then post your experience here.

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    well people should check and try out the other layers in ctrader to better understand the working of platform and to have knowledge of everything in the platform but mostly dont see it or dont check it they work on the default layout,because mostly are used to it and dont wanna change their working style,So for the demo users better work on it

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    Perfectly, I tried it in the protest account and did not try it during my real accounts and in fact actually shared with my own profitable customer, but the delivery is very cool, even when the actual exchangeing power from the investors shows you any kind of aspect of the view line Click set foreign currency. However here we're referring to the actual design related to ctrader, not really about delivery.

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