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Thread: Cut your losses

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    Cut your losses

    I believe that many traders will be wondering why some traders are successful, and while many are failing. It is true that more than 95% of traders are losing their money, while fragment less than 5% are adding more profits every time in the market. It has always being like that, and it will continue if traders do not take action.

    The first thing to do if you want success is to have a preserving ways of the account. If the trading account is actively preserved, then I believe that you have a better opportunity and trading shots next time you trade. This is the main reason for the success of some traders, SURVIVAL!

    CUTTING YOUR LOSSES: Almost all the traders I have known that fails in this market are having a trading system that is more than 75% winning. It means that they lose all their accounts, that is why they do not have the privilege to continue the task/challenge in the market any further.

    And the only way to stop this is to limit the way you are losing in the market. If you can adopt the tight stop loss usage (By tight stop loss, I means having a stop loss of nothing more than 10-30pips) depending on the trading system you are using). This means that the account will be active all the time, and you will be active when there are opportunities that will favour you comes.

    In other words, always place your stop loss, and let it be tight. Never allow your account to be free to drawdown, this is the way a trader have margin calls and have their accounts stopped at the same time, this is a careless act is the stop loss is more. And if the account is preserved, you will have success with time. HAPPY TRADING!

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    Your risk is important to manage and its sure the very best way to manage loss and see you have what it takes to build a more winning trade. Cutting of loss will really helps and its surely the best way to manage risk and seek profitable growth in this business. Your effort here must be to minimize risk and increase your chances to which you can gain from forex and make good profits from the market. Loss must be managed and its sure the best way to protect our capital.

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