The main terms of the "Communicative deposit"
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Thread: The main terms of the "Communicative deposit"

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    The main terms of the "Communicative deposit"

    [admin="RoboForex Administrator"]
    Dear users!
    The forum administration would like to inform you about changes in the conditions of the program
    "Communicative deposit":
    user groups on the forum will be cancelled.
    The cost of the posting is
    15 cents (promo ¢) for all users.

    The program "Communicative deposit" will be completed on June 30, 2019.
    We stop paying for posting from the
    1st July, 2019.
    The requests for funds transferring into your trading accounts are acceptable till the
    7th of July, 2019.
    The transferring of your promo ¢ will take part on
    8th of July 2019.

    New contests from the moderators will not be held.

    You can continue to communicate on our forum, share experiences and discuss the services of the company RoboForex LTD as ussual, following the general forum rules.


    The main conditions of promotion “Communicative Deposit”

    1. Participation

    Any RoboForex forum user can participate in promotion “Communicative Deposit”. Payment for messages are accrued in user’s profile.

    2. Accrual of payments

    2.1. Payment for user’s messages depends on:
    • section, in which user is posting messages,
    • group, in which is user.

    For each section, and each group is assigned its own cost. A list of cost is shown below and can be changed by forum administrator of RoboForex Company. All changes will take effect after preliminary announce on RoboForex Forum.

    2.2. Every user’s post is paid by a cost of message (if the number of characters is 300 or more). The number of characters is counted except for BB-codes, text quoted.

    2.3. In case of the post editing the current number of characters is accounted as in greater as in smaller extent. Accordingly, it will be accrued or debited.

    3. Moderation

    3.1. If the message violates condition of promotion “Communicative Deposit”, accrual will be declined. The moderator can leave a message in the thread or remove it on his own.

    3.2. In case of the Forum rules violation in messages this messages can be removed by moderator. Payment for message will be cancelled.

    3.3. If the thread violates the forum rules, all the messages are deleted before removing the threads. Payment for messages that have been deleted will be withdrawn.

    3.4. In case of the Forum rules violation the payment can be removed partially.

    3.5. In case of the user is banned all current payments will be removed.

    3.6. Large amount of messages from one user, posted during small time period, or numerous messages lacking quality or decent content, can be considered as «payment hunting». If it happens, user will first will be warned, and in case of repetition will be transferred into group with "Low Cost".

    4. Withdrawal of payment

    4.1 For withdrawal of payment you should open an account with forum partner code
    (Affiliate code - roboforum). The withdrawal from Forum is possible on such accounts type: MT4 & MT5 platforms of RoboForex Company, and also CopyFX accounts: Pro-Cent, Pro-Standard, currency - USD.
    How to open an account with forum affiliate code.

    4.2 You should add your account number and e-mail, which was used while registration of your Live Account in RoboForex, in your profile on forum. Withdrawal requests will not be accepted for accrual without an account number and e-mail from Live Account. How to add an account.
    Important: after e-mail is registered, the user can not change it. This is necessary for fraud prevention with payments.

    4.3. Your RoboForex Live Account must be fully verified before withdrawal of payment to the trading account. Request for withdrawal from unverified user will not be processed.

    4.4 The payment transferring on a real account is executed once per month according to the user’s request. All requests are accepted from the 1st to 5th of each month. A withdrawal request of the payment may be submitted not more than 1 time in 27 days.

    4.5. Deposit of payment to the account is executed on 6th monthly. In case the sixth falls on a weekend, the deposit will be executed on the first working day after the weekend. Payment has to be more than 20 USD (2000 cents) but less than 1000 USD (<100000 cents). How to withdrawal payment to the trading account

    4.6. The profit from trading account attached to a members area on the forum, withdrawal without any restrictions. The funds do not have expiration date and charge off the account only in the case of Stop Out

    4.7. Each user can participate in the Communicative deposit either from the Russian version of the forum or the English one. Participation from both versions of the forum in order to receive these promo funds is prohibited.
    The decision about promo funds withdrawal is possible from 1 account only that is left at the forum moderator own discretion.

    4.8. The RoboForex company reserves the rights to remove the earlier credited prize funds as well as revoke (cancel) all transactions that have been done with the use of these funds without any given reason, in case of obvious violation of the Forum or Communicative deposit program rules.
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    The payment level depending on the group of users *:

    • Registered user – (cost of post – 15 cents);
    • Rookie – (cost of post – 20 cents);
    • Pro – (cost of post – 25 cents);
    • Trader – (cost of post – 30 cents)

    Principles of transition in groups with increased rate **:

    – Quality of post (grammatical, informative posts; the presence of screenshots explaining the user’s idea).
    – The post was created with the meaning- analytics, trading strategies, assistance to forum users, traders experience exchange, psychological aspects of trading.

    Conditions for transition to group Rookie:
    1. Quality of the content (valuable content, good literacy, screenshots).
    2. Type of the content – analytic, trading strategies, helpful posts, sharing trading experience, psychological aspects of trading.
    3. Quantity of threads where user has status of topic starter: >= 1. Support of started threads (facilitating conversations) is mandatory.
    4. Quantity of posts: >= 250.
    5. The lack of violations.

    Conditions for transition to group Pro*:
    1. Quality of the content (valuable content, good literacy, screenshots)
    2. User has an open real CopyFX or RAMM account, based on which trader usually post in the thread "Trade journals" or "Forex analysis". The informer of account should be placed in the user's signature.
    3. According to the p.2, you should add your posts not less than 1 month before the date of status upgrading request.
    4. The lack of violations.

    Principles of transition in group Trader *:
    1. User has an open real CopyFX account (not promo) with active offer, based on which trader usually post in the thread "Trade journals". The informer of account should be placed in the user's signature.
    2. According to the p.1, you should add your posts not less than 1 month before the date of status upgrading request.
    3. The CopyFX Trader account should be in the rating at the moment of checking by the Forum Administration in order to increase your forum status up to Trader.
    4. The lack of violations.

    * The decision to transfer users to the appropriate group is taken by the moderators and manually. Considering applications for transfer in the next group held monthly, at the beginning of each month.

    ** Perhaps the absence of criteria, but you should get the support of all users and moderators when transferring in to group. The criteria are the only conditions for reviewing the applications and do not guarantee the transfer to a higher group.

    Users can be transferred to the group with low pay "Low Cost" if they have 2 penalty points for Forum Rules and conditions of “Communicative deposit” violations. Length of stay in the group of "Low Cost" for the first time - 2 weeks.

    In the case of quality worsening of the content, the user will be transferred to the group with low pay.
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    Accrual of payments

    Payment for actions:

    1. For forum registration - 500 cents.

    Sections and cost of post in cents

    Section: Roboforex: Forex high-quality services – up to 30 cents
    RoboForex: information and callback - Not paid
    Services for RoboForex clients - Not paid.
    CopyFX forum: Service for copying trades from other traders' accounts - up to 30 cents.
    RAMM forum: Investment platform with built-in risk control - up to 30 cents.

    RoboForex Stocks - trade US stock market - up to 30 cents.
    ContestFX - contests for traders - up to 5 cents.

    Section: ROBO forum: trader’s software – up to 30 cents
    WebTrader RoboForex - up to 30 cents
    MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Trading Platform - up to 30 cents
    MetaTrader 5 (MT5) Trading Platform - up to 30 cents
    cTrader Trading Platform - up to 30 cents
    Software for trading robotization - up to 30 cents

    Section: FOREX forum:news, training, analytics – up to 30 cents
    FOREX-digest - up to 30 cents
    Trading from A to Z - up to 30 cents
    Legal aspects in trading - up to 30 cents
    Trading Psychology, discipline, motivation - 5 cents
    Trading strategies - up to 30 cents
    Trading Journals - up to 30 cents
    Free forex webinars - up to 30 cents

    Section Trader's forum: trader’s share time – 5 cents
    About RoboForex Forum - Not paid
    EPS - Electronic Payment Systems - 5 cents
    Traders’ talk(12 Viewing)- 5 cents
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    Requirements for posts :

    1. The posting must be created in accordance to the "Forum Rules".
    2. The number of characters in the post must be at least 300 (BB-code tags and quotes are not included).
    3. Posts must be original (written by the user, not copied from other sources) and have meaningful content.
    4. The publication of the text taken from other sources without documenting it as a quotation and detailed sources is prohibited. To make such a message included, add to quote your thoughts and comments (a minimum of 300 characters.).
    5. For translated posting, as well as with a large number of grammatical errors, payment will not accrued.
    6. "If you have nothing to say - keep silent!". Meaningless, Needless and Junky and posts created for more quantity will be deleted by moderator without notification.
    7. Advertisements, off topic, flood - payment is not accrued.
    8. In case of the “Communicative deposit” promotion or Forum rules are violated, payment can be cancelled.

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